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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. greenkiwi
    The liquid platinum is a tube hybrid... It's been good with my XC.
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  2. Dragon13
    Hey guys. While we're on the subject of amps for the LCD2C, I've been using with with a Magni 3 since about late December and I've been considering upgrading my amp. Has any one had any experience in paring this headphone with JDS Labs EL Amp and EL Dac? If so, would be a step up from my current setup which is Fulla 2's day -> Magni 3. Thanks!
  3. BrotherKathos
    El amp is much better thanthe magni 3 for the lcd2c imo. It pairs well with akm dacs i have. It also works well with the topping d50. my fav setups with the lcd2c for a reasonable price are the modi multibit, eitr, and azgard 2. Or if you want a bit cleaner punchier sound with slightly less sound stage but better imaging then the topping d50 with thx aaa 789 amp. hope this helps. I hated my magni 3 with the lcd2c. Was the worst pairing i found of all my gear.
  4. nicknack40
    Id be intrested in trying the LYR 3. Which is suppose to be a good match for the LCD2-C. To be fair the Magni 3 does a great job for the money
  5. gargani
    I have to agree, my lcd2c sounds just fine out of my 02.
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  6. canali
    would you guys say this set of cans is amongst the best values under $1k?
    my bud can sell me his in great shape pair for $500.

    currently i have the flc 8s and just got a used/mint pair of senn hd6xx (massdrop).

    only have chord mojo right now but will upgrade in a few months to chord qutest and something else,
    once my rehab finishes (costing me alot of $$$).

    i was also considering the massdrop hifiman edition xx but no one knows how they'll sound.
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  7. betula
    In my opinion the 2C is one of the best if not the best option under $1000 if you like your bass deep and detailed. They sound a bit warm and relaxing but very punchy, dynamic and authoritative at the same time. Will sound fine from Mojo but once you upgrade they will sing. For $500 they are a steal.
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  8. omniweltall
    Best value indeed. For me personally, it competes with cans above $1000.

    Just bought a set of Norne cables for it. Loving it.
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  9. canali
    thanks gang....i'll follow your route come spring once my rehab completes (car accident settlement kicks in) and look for a used chord qutest...what amp do you use, too?
    i'm using Roon and Tidal for my music currently with a music server by small green computers (the sonictransporter i5)
    gave up the microrendu/lps ultra caps (just too many gadgets)...so might look at something again.

    are you using any of these enhancers like microrendu or auralic vega, etc if you are using digital?

    gang, please feel free to send me some dac/amp combos that work well.
    many thanks
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  10. betula
    I agree. It is hard to find better bass anywhere really, regardless of price. Above $1000 there are some headphones that do certain things better, but under $1000 there is no better just different.
    IMO if you like the sound signature and need good bass it is worth to build a system around the 2C.
  11. betula
    I use FLAC files to feed my Chord 2Qute into my Questyle CMA600i current mode amp. I also use iPurifier 3 and Jitterbug.
    I am unfamiliar with the gadgets you mentioned but I am sure someone else can comment on those.
  12. omniweltall
    In stock form LCD-2C has 3 main problems that need fixing: (1) sounds a little thin, though lush, (2) Bass lacks mid-bass impact that is important, and (3) female vocal sounds subdued.

    To bring forward the female vocal, it needs EQ or change the pads into the Dekoni Elite Velour. I also EQ the bass to give it much needed body in its tonality and to give more punch in the mid-bass. Then it becomes much more balanced. Its pros are really large audio images, lush vocal, and pumpin' big bass that is really addicting. And of course, that crazy build quality.

    @betula, have you ever tried the AFO yet?
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
  13. betula
    I partly agree with these comments. For me it is hard to imagine the 2C to ever sound thin, but it is true the mid-bass is very flat compared to dynamic headphones. To my ears this flat bass sounds more 'right' and natural as it extends deeper and is more detailed than most dynamic cans under $1000 with the typical bigger or smaller mid-bass hump. It is a matter of taste if you need a bit of mid-bass excitement. Higher pitch female vocals can sound a bit subdued but this also depends a lot on the recording.
    To my experience all these 'problems' are much less present if you use higher-end DACs and amps.
    I completely agree on the pros. :)

    Edit: I owned the AFO and tried the AFC. I preferred the AFO out of the two but still found it too polite to my taste. Nice, engaging, romantic sound but not very exciting and a bit thin.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  14. marcan
    Yes I agree with betula, mid bass is fine for me. Bass is just straight without any distortion or coloration. So it can seem dry compare to other headphones which add distortion in the mid bass but can't go as low as the lccd.
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  15. omniweltall
    I prefer the 2C than the AFO. The 2C brings audio in a much grander way. It has much more air and better overall bass quality. More overall details too. Soundstage is wider and deeper. Its vocal is not thin, but a little thin if you compare to cans like LCD 2 pre-fazor, HD650, or AFO.

    But the AFO does bring certain unique things to the table (1) Really gut-punching mid bass, probably the most that I've heard in a can, and (2) really thick & sweet vocal. Its audio images and soundstage are really small compared to the 2C, but imaging is tighter than I expected. So, actually it really fits small ensembles rather nicely.

    This can nails tonality better than the 2C, in my opinion. Vocal sounds great. It feels vivid, romantic and closed-in. That mid-bass really kicks you in the gut. Certain instruments (guitar, kick drums) come alive. But resolution, air, soundstage size, and sub-bass take the back seat. Build quality is good (better than any Hifiman, for example), but it is still 2-3 leagues below the 2C. The 2C feels much more substantial, looks more expensive, better headband, lusher earpads.

    Let me correct myself. The 2C bass is great. It is flat and there is nothing wrong with it. AFO's mid bass is just a different bass style and can bring a different kind of engagement. I think these 2 are complementary.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
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