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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. SilverEars
    I have a hard time describing the bass. It's not hard feeling bass, but still impactful and felt in quantity? It doesn't feel hard or really solid as certain headphone bass can sound.

    The headphone in terms of build, pads, and fit feels solid(seems like they've refined that department). They must have lightened the weight a bit since the older models as this one doesn't feel so heavy like I recall of the original LCD-2 pre-fazor.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  2. knopi
    Maybe Brooklyn DAC is only quality dac and preamp I like it with speaker, and maybe not good heaphone output becouse I liked with it in past only LCDX and Clear (not ideal with it but still very good).
    And will have borrow HEXv2 next week so I am curious Edition Xv2 should be easy drive as LCDX.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  3. Hifi59
    The attraction of its bass for me is that they possess most of that Audeze bass weight and fullness while adding in some Hifiman bass palpability. That is what’s special and unique about their bass foundation to me. Not necessarily the deepest bass, but very engaging. I say this as an owner of the lcd2f, lcd-3f, lcd XC and lcd-4.
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  4. SilverEars
    I recall from back in the days right before the fazor LCD2 would come out, I was expecting it to be a miracle of a headphone, due to the pricepoint as what I was listening to then was the HD650, and boy was I wrong. It was much more expensive and hoped I wouldn't find significan't flaws, and flaws pop out more(since it was much more expensive), and I really want to nitpick a pricy headphone(which it's justified that I should be harsher if manufacturers prices it significantly high).

    In comparison to todays LCD2C, the original sounded definately warm, and thus warmer than the 2C, and was bassy or bassier. Upper mids was still recessed, but also sounded shallow and headphone warmer, in which the combination definately reduced upper mids presence and articulation(which was my biggest gripe, and really upset me of it's hype and price). I recall bass being strong from those models, and compressed imaging in terms of width, but 2C doesn't really have those aspects. So, Sound clarity and the imaging improved, but the Audeze upper mids is still there(I hear it consistantly on their headphones, the weird upper mids transitions).

    This headphone probably works for those highly sensitive to upper-mids.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
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  5. joeexp
    The LCD2 Classic are not warm! Stop saying that!
  6. omniweltall
    Yes, you are the LCD collector :)
  7. Hifi59
  8. omniweltall
    Does the lcd2c get a lot of your time with all your cans around?

    Im ordering one. I miss it.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  9. Hifi59
    They get just as much head time as the rest, maybe slightly more so. While technically they may not be as good as the others, I find myself reaching for them
    quite often. They are fun to listen to and non fatiguing with my setup. (Wells Audio amp and Cambridge 851N streamer/Dac.)
  10. cpetrillo
    Just had to return my brand new LCD2C to Amazon because the right driver was making buzzing and clicking noises. Is this some kind of common failure with Audeze drivers?
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  11. Violent_Sneeze
    Can't get enough of my LCD2Cs. I'm really enjoying the added detail, dynamics and improved clarity the copper Norne Draug 3 has over the stock cable.
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  12. endlesswaves
    Am interested in this cable too. Do you have other cables to compare with? Thanks in advance.
  13. Violent_Sneeze
    I had the Q cable way back in the day for my LCD2.2s and that was nice. The Draug 3 is the only cable I've had that has made the most significant, noticeable improvement over stock.

    Norne sells the Draug 3 in Silver, you just have to email Trevor about it.
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  14. joeexp
    Spending another $289.99 for a Headphone that sold for $599 is a bit questionable. There is nothing wrong with the stock LCD2C cable!!!
    I think you are suffering from Headphone Cable Audio Nervosa. :ksc75smile:
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  15. X-Frame
    So I splurged a bit on a new iFi Micro iDSD Black Label, which arrived this weekend — and then this morning checking the Audeze Deckard stock found one from Audeze being sold Refurbished and then snagged that since it was essentially half the price as when new. That will arrive later this week. Sheesh.

    The iFi sounds great with these headphones. It seems more detailed than when using the Magni 3, and the little sucker as powerful as hell. Listening on Eco Mode I can only turn the volume to 11 o’clock before it getting too loud. When I switch it to Normal, I can’t get past 9 o’clock.

    Interested to see how it compares to the DAC/Amp of the Deckard. It seems like the Amp is considered the better half of the Deckard, and the DAC the better in the iFi Micro. Maybe I’ll combine the two while at the computer, but the Micro is great to take around the apartment and travel with I imagine.
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