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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. nicknack40
  2. endlesswaves
    Never claimed it to be night and day. It does not do anything like magically turning an LCD2c into a LCD4. It does however helps with the bottleneck in the last part of my audio chain. It helps unleash the potential of your drivers. Enhances what was already there or to clear some muddiness. Give it a try. I did before purchasing any upgrade cables.
    By the way, I am too old to be bothered with fancy looking cables. It's their sonic properties that made me buy them.
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  3. gLer
    Hey guys. In case you’re wondering, the new Audeze suspension headband that debuted with the LCD-2C is now available direct from Audeze as an upgrade kit for $125.

    I recently bought a mint LCD-3 from another forum member and can confirm two things: the new headband looks great on the 3, and it’s a must-have upgrade it, like me, you can’t wear the original headband for more than a few minutes before getting a painful hotspot on your head.

    Pics below. Enjoy.

    38767503-BF52-410D-B73D-2571AA6CA03A.jpeg 5563C160-20DB-44CD-A324-1ED6B21A2575.jpeg F8339ED5-E931-4E77-9266-24CCD67F4D1F.jpeg B9B990E6-48CC-4D1C-9632-CEEAACC0BA83.jpeg
  4. NickedWicked
    How's the soundstage of the LCD2C vs the older versions of the LCD-2? Read some old threads about it and many said that the LCD-3 was better in that regard. Atm I have a Focal Clear, where many people said the soundstage was rather small, but I have to disagree, maybe very slightly intimate but definitely better than the HD 650's although that might be down to my audio chain.

    In the end I wonder what a huge soundstage does for summit-fi headphones, and if I should chase it as a essential part for a second pair of headphones as I never had the chance to listen to some truly spacious headphones like the HD 800.
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  5. John Aiello
  6. gLer
    I emailed them to get the details on how to order. Email tony@audeze.com and he'll sort you out.
  7. interweb-tech
    I ordered one of those (fordhamcas) and it was really poorly constructed. Termination wires (after splitting to two wires) were different lengths, adhesive leaked out from under the shrink wrap on the connectors, connectors not mounted in the same orientation on the wire. (one at 12 o'clock, the other at 3). No shrink wrap on the 1/4" end. Maybe I got one of his early attempts. He took them back for a full refund once I produced photos. I have had very good experience with eBay seller venus_audio.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
  8. X-Frame
    Can someone explain what the difference is between the LCD-2 and LCD-2C in terms of power requirements?

    Audeze’s website both say 70 ohms impedance, with 101dB/1mW efficiency. However the 2C’s say >100mW power requirement while the regular 2’s say 1-4W recommended for “optimal” performance.

    Why is there such a big difference?
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  9. Hifi59
    For a minute there, I thought you were referring to Forza cables. They are great. The other guy that you’re speaking of, is apparently a bit of a hit and miss build quality wise, but the wire he uses from Jps is fantastic, especially for under $80. I fixed his build mistakes on one of the cable that he made for me and he compensated me for it.
  10. MyPants
    There really isn't a difference. Audeze simply doesn't give a minimum spec for the lcd-2 and doesn't give an optimal spec for the 2C. However, in the manual which comes with the 2C it still specifies 1-4w as optimal. I suspect this is just sloppy web design.
  11. Rhamnetin
    I want a closed back version of this. I don't like the LCD-X so the XC doesn't interest me.
  12. Hifi59
    I had both led X and XC, 2016 versions. Didn’t like the X...loved the XC and I still own it.
  13. Rhamnetin
    Interesting. I will get to listen to the XC later this year, so we'll see. I think it's probably a safe bet that I'd like a closed back LCD-2C more though, and I'd certainly like the price of a closed back LCD-2C more.
  14. NickedWicked
    Had the LCD2C for a few days now, really have some mixed feelings about them. Little note: When I starting listening right of the bat they were a bit harsh but after some burn-in for a few hours the LCD2C's started to sound quite a bit less harsh, also swapped a SPC USB cable for a UPOCC one so that might've helped quite a bit. They have a really nice, calm presentation with plenty of body to it, good resolution too despite the lack of treble detail. But the extension of the sub-bass was rather disappointing, maybe not enough slam as well even with EQ'ing, really surprised my as I auditioned the LCD-X CE before this a while ago but they were going a lot deeper and harder for some reason. But for late night listening these would be awesome because of that.

    On the other side the comfort is where there are some problems, the pads get rather uncomfy after a while, too much clamping despite being feeling really nice (they even smell nice) but that might be down to my big noggin, and while the suspension system helps a lot compared to the LCD-X with mere padding, it start hurting after a few hours anyway.
  15. nicknack40
    Get mine on Tuesday See what there like if i don't like them can always send them back but im Hoping i like them . They seem quite popular and have decent reviews. Hoping there good for EDM
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