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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. MyPants
    Just got these in today, driving them off a jumpered BasX A100, and initial impressions are extremely positive. It's weird, it's like I required a decent number of tracks-worth of brain burn-in before the LCD-2C clicked with me, but now I can't take them off. They're so dynamic. The low end is most certainly not basshead whomping amazing or even close to the quantity and slam of the TH-X00, but it is extremely well controlled and extends DEEP without sounding the slightest bit muddy. Erykah Badu's live album sounds downright holographic, as does the Yosi Horikawa I'm listening to right now. I do have a bit of a neck-ache after about 1 1/2 hours listening, but the new strap is doing its job and I think overall the LCD-2Cs and I are going to get along well.
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  2. FrostyP
    Are there any DAPs on the market that can feed the LCD2 enough power?
  3. MyPants
    Following up with a few hours on them. These things are KILLERS when you give them enough power. Everything I've thrown at them sounds dynamic, musical, tight, detailed, and pleasantly warm. Like many have said, these are a lot closer to neutral than I expected, and am pleased to hear so cause it means the TH-X00s have a reason to stick around (i.e. their big-fat-party-V-shaped signature). But for real, Jim Croce - Hard Time Losin' Man, Fleetwood Mac - The Chain/Oh Daddy, Billy Idol - Rebel Yell, Bloodstone - Natural High, all amazing so far.
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  4. franz12
    That has nothing to do with the scalability of a headphone. What you mentioned is the characteristic of the headphone itself. Some headphones have high impedance or low sensitivity (like lcd4), so they need enough power to drive them. But lcd2c is already quite efficient at 70ohms and 101db/1mw.

    Finding an amp that has synergy with lcd2c is another story though.
  5. ltanasom
    I have been driving lcd2c with Sony wm1a in high-gain balance mode (4.4mm jack) with good results
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2018
  6. Shetzu
    I have been driving my LCD2c with MCTH as well as Hd800 and both sound fantastic and very smooth. I dont get any harshness in highs and the bass is deep and crispy.
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  7. MyPants
    I have to say, taking the LCD-2C mobile is a seriously baller move. Mine aren't leaving my desk. If I want to go mobile with planars I'll grab my T20s or even HE400i, but damn are you stunting on everybody else if your mobile cans are LCDs.
  8. YtseJamer
    That'd be great if you could compare the MCTH vs the Burson Soloist SL MK2 with the LCD-2C.
  9. ltanasom
    555 I have been using lcd2c in my car since I purchased them. Great for the ride.
  10. willywill
    I won't even try to run the LCD-2C of a DAP, the money that you will spend on a cable can go to a portable DAC/AMP that will give you better result
  11. ltanasom
    Our purposes might be different. I personally want the best out of DAP only. I don't want to carry lots of things on the go. Before I bought lcd2c, I did try them with my Sony wm1a and I was happy with them. I know I might not get the best out of lcd2c with DAP but I am quite satisfied with this set up.
  12. X-Frame
    What is a good portable DAC/Amp that sufficiently powers these? I currently have a DF Red which I think does okay but I am not liking the combination as much as with my Schiit Modi 2U and Magni 3 stack. However, sometimes I’d like to listen away from my desk.

    I’ve heard the Mojo works and has enough power but I fear since the Mojo is a bit old. Maybe that isn’t warranted though. It’s still expensive too.
  13. FrostyP
    Awesome, my DAP of choice is the AK KANN which is 7 Vrms at high gain out of balanced, is that more than enough?
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  14. ltanasom
    I guess the power should be enough since my sony wm1a drives them just fine.
  15. Shetzu
    ure. Soon I will post the comparison here.
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