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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. HardstyleLoco96
    I read somewhere that the stock cable for the LCD2-C is not the best? Anyone can recommend a cheap/ very low cost cable that is actually really good?
  2. pwjazz
    I think the stock cable is fine. Has a nice weight to it, no memory and seems well made. Of all the headphones I've had recently, it's one of the few that I haven't felt the need to immediately replace.

  3. Hifi59
    Have you tried another cable though? I usually have to listen for a while before judging one cables superiority over another one but in this case it was quite obvious within a minute. The supplied cable is pretty bad, even beyond the point of subjectivity imo. I even went back to it after hearing how much better the 2c sounded with my other cables. It still was pretty bad. Passable? Yes, but they are not letting the 2C be all it can be.
    I suppose ones equipment may be a limiting factor if not hearing the difference but you never know with this hobby.
  4. HardstyleLoco96
    Ahh ok ok, just read a post earlier on that the stock cable doesn't have the best sound quality but I guess i'll see untill I get the cans haha :)
  5. HardstyleLoco96
    If the cable is bad, may you please post a link of the cable you are currently using?
  6. Hifi59
    To clarify, by bad I simply mean it sounds bad, otherwise nothing wrong with it. ( Difficulty in disconnecting from 2c connectors also)
    I used a $100.00 Chinese silver coated cable, basic Cardas cable and the stock cable that came with my lcd-4 . All were superior , especially in bass department and midrange, than the 2c cable. I would say use any respectable cable out there over the stock one.
  7. Taowolf51
    They're not metal, but I'm pretty sure they're not ABS either. IIRC, they're a glass fiber reinforced nylon, kinda like the HD800.
    I believe the paint itself has a metallic element to it that makes it feel like metal. It's very convincing.
  8. Hifi59
    Setting the crappy stock cable issue aside, after 3 days of listening to the 2C with different cable, they continue to impress. I can listen for hours on end without fatigue both audibly and physically. Well done Audeze and I’d say well worth the price even at its current $799.
  9. gLer
    Oh, and the LCD-2C is great, as is the LCD-2F, LCD-3, and every other LCD ever made. And they all sound very, very different.
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  10. lentoviolento
    Lcd2c is great but i liked lcd2f better
  11. AxelCloris Administrator
    We've cleaned up a bunch of off-topic posts in the thread. Please keep the discussion related to the LCD2C. General discussions belong elsewhere on the forum.
  12. Taowolf51
    Awesome, thank you.

    Anyone have a chance to try the 2C out with the new 2C Reveal settings? Excited to try it out this weekend.
  13. ForSure
    This thing sure need power.
  14. Gambitek
    I hated the reveal settings. Can't tell with some genres, but they absolutely made metal and rock sound awful. Hollowed out and warbly? I can't explain it, but not a fan.
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  15. pwjazz
    It's weird, I've really been going back and forth on this. For classical orchestral music I think I like them, but then sometimes they sound kind of rough oddly enough.

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