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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. pwjazz
    Yeah, I've tried it. I haven't done very careful comparisons across a bunch of songs so I can't give very specific feedback, but I find myself not using it.

  2. Mr.Bean
    Just wonder how it sounds compare to the Audioquest Nighthawk...
  3. gLer
    Like a real headphone I’d say. Sorry but as much as I love darker sounding headphones, the Nighthawk is a mess, veiled and almost deliberately dour. Maybe I just auditioned a bad copy, but I tried it repeatedly with different music over the course of 24 hours and couldn’t find a single song I liked through it. Like someone who had a listen at the same time remarked: that headphone sounds like an HD650 on 20 tube amps :p
  4. Taverius
    Ok, I've had these for a while now.

    • Check your headband arches, mine kept doing contact with my head and I couldn't figure out why - it was bent, totally lopsided, from manufacturing or storage. There isn't a whole deal of clearance between the arch and the strap, so it has to conform to the shape of your head, or it will contact and you'll get a hotspot. MASTER THE UNIVERSE. BEND IT TO YOUR WILL. Literally :p
    • Still getting a proper leather strap done, this thing is way too soft and stretchy.
    • These clamped way too hard for me. I unscrewed the strap and brute-forced the arch nearly flat, now its good.
    • Properly suspended and un-clamped, when the pads have worn in a tad - they start off really hard - its comfortable on the head. They are still over half a kg though, so wimpy necks and people with cervical vertebra issues should look elsewhere.
    • If my main amp wasn't a Mjolnir 2, which needs to be run balanced to do its best, I could probably be happy with the stock cable. Its not great, but its pretty good - ergonomically speaking. Sonically ... eh, this ain't a critical listening headphone, its good enough. Do wish it wasn't shiny.
    • Really relaxing sound signature, so long as you're not abnormally sensitive to 8k. The 8k bump is not above the bass - in my pair at least - but it is there, so I can't really recommend these unconditionally. It works for me. Maybe because none of my other cans are particularly relaxing, I'll be keeping it. Atticus *looks* relaxing from FR, but it slams so damn hard. :D I don't think I could live with these as a single can though, they're too laid-back to be all-rounders to me.
    • This does really good with the kind of instrumental music I listen to when chilling out. Maybe that's why it works so well for me. Would probably be more questionable if relaxing equalled vocals to me.
    • Also does surprisingly good with 80s New Wave, somehow. Totally unrelated, but I tried wearing them at night with sunglasses, with vintage Porsche Design aviators. Verdict: I looked like a goofball.
    • Brand new they sealed hard enough to make my ears pop. That seems to have eased off a little.
    • I don't know how much sound they leak out while playing - doesn't come up in my situation - but these do let in enough that I feel comfortable I won't miss the door buzzer at normal volumes. Makes them usable for generic listening when I'm alone in the house.
    • Dang good detail retrieval. No, these don't scale as insanely high as a properly modded HD650 I'm sure, let alone a Utopia, but they put a pleasant but not overwhelming amount of detail right there for the listening in a non-fatiguing manner. Again, these are very relaxing, low-effort cans.
    • The bass goes aaaaallll the way down in the usual playnar fashion, but don't expect enormous amounts of slam - you want an Atticus for that. Sub-bass for days tho. Rumbly explosions are very visceral.
    • Would be good for blockbuster movies, if it wasnt for the collapsed, 3-blob soundstage typical of Audeze.
    No, you're correct that they're not sonically a good headphone, though I don't think they're veiled. They have fairly good detail retrieval and amazeballs distortion, but they make everything sound super-recessed and uninvolved.

    That's why I kept them though - together with the stellar ergonomics, they're the best headphones I've ever owned for concentrating on something else entirely.

    They get a *lot* of playtime when its time to do my taxes or the like, but never when I actually care about the music I'm listening to.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  5. Phantaminum
  6. gLer
    Great review. Did he say the LCD-2C cups are actually ABS plastic, or did I misread that!? I thought they were metal. I also thought the LCD-2C drivers were the same as those in the latest fazors, but again according to this review they’re not. For a headphone that’s been out for a fair while now we still know surprisingly little about it.
  7. givemetacos
    @grizzlybeast - As always, excellent review and I always like your format. Your impressions are always exactly in line with how I hear the same headphones as well as the comparisons to others. For editing purposes, I caught a couple things you might want to update. In your comparison to AFO, you have a sentence that says: "The Audeze on the other hand doesn’t have the same dynamic range and treble realism as the 2C which sounds more natural in the treble and overall more organic.". I believe the "2C" in there should be changed to "AFO"? And the other big thing is your LCD2C "AMPING" section is exactly the same as your AFO "Amping" section and it is referring to AFO throughout.

    Thanks again, for a great review. Hopefully this will help others as there has been quite a few requests about comparisons to AFO as well was LCD-2F.
    grizzlybeast likes this.
  8. grizzlybeast
    Im losing it. The community has been my editor for some time. So busy that I scrambling. Thanks Ill fix that now
  9. paradoxper
    If you have a 4-pin XLR cable, message me. I'll make it worth your while.
  10. sfleming
    Mine arrived today after ordering on 1/27. For some reason I thought I'd get a 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter in the box. I even thought maybe the 1/4 plug was one of those that screws on top of a 3.5 duhh. Pretty sure early reports advised that there was a 3.5 solution in the packaging, but now that I read through more recent posts I see that's aat least now not the case.
    Anyway, gotta pick up an adapter or a different cable for these to my mojo. Still able to run it in on the ifi micro dsd :)
  11. HardstyleLoco96
    Has anyone tried the Elemental Watson with the LCD2-C? I have listened to the Lcd2F and loved what I was hearing, nice and smooth treble but with good extension, mids were clear but I like drawn back but I liked it and that bass was kicking some a$$. Amazing amp for the price, one of the best bang for the buck.
  12. Voxata
    I had good luck w/the Monoprice one on Amazon - fyi.
  13. ld100
    I wonder why innerfidelity review is taking so long? Do you think Tyll does not like them?
  14. givemetacos
    I explained this a few pages back and said:
    "If you read/watch Tyll's latest Advanced Alpha review he talks about his delay in reviewing the LCD2C. Basically, he has had a set for a while, but it was before "final" production so he wanted to wait until Audeze could send him a production unit, on par with what we are all receiving, to be thorough and make sure he gets his review right. He now has that 2nd unit and is going to get the review out soon. He apologized for not getting it out before the holiday pricing ended, but he wanted to be more accurate about his thoughts rather than rush it and get something wrong."

    I suspect he will give LCD2C a solid review along the lines of his AFO review, but not gushing and giddy like Clear. And that is exactly how I also feel about all 3 of those headphones.
  15. squee116
    Mine was one of the first delivered, I don't think it came with an adapter.
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