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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. ForSure
    I have been running this with my tube and my grace design for about 24 hours. Although it dose sound better than my HD6xx, better base, cleaner sound. I don't know is this worth it. I am thinking should I just go lcdx. Is the different between the lcd2c and lcdx big enough that it worth double the price?
  2. givemetacos
    I'm not sure what tube amp you are using, but most people prefer solid states with LCD2C over tubes, unless your tube amps is more of a hybrid with low output impedance and lots of current. Also, don't make judgments this early on, you need time to adjust to the sound, and potentially let the drivers burn-in if you believe in that. There's really no reason to rush into writing LCD2C off yet.

    LCD-X is a difficult headphone to compare because it seems to have so much driver variation. I have only heard one and it was just kind of brighter than LCD-2F and LCD2C but more uneven in treble and a little weird sounding. I prefer LCD2C over the LCD-X I heard. I know someone that has auditioned 6 of them and said each one sounded completely different, and maybe like only 1 of those was really good sounding and the rest had something weird going on. I've heard similar stories from others that have auditioned multiple sets. The advice with LCD-X is to audition the one you want to buy first. It is also not as comfortable as LCD2C so keep that in mind too.
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  3. lentoviolento
    Absolutely not imo. It is heavy like shhhit, and way more fatiguing then lcd2. I auditioned two pairs(the one i owned and another one) , there was a little difference but the sound signature was the same and to me doesn't worth the price tag..
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  4. Jack-A
    Allright, I hope mine will arrive tomorrow. They cost me about 903 USD including shipping and taxes, they better be worth it! Can't really complain actually, various versions of LCD-2's cost around 1500 USD in my country and the LCD-X costs freaking 2380 USD! To put it into perspective - the average net income in my country is 1155 USD :D
  5. lentoviolento

    Where are you from?
  6. BB 808
    So the average person in your country would have to work 2-3 years and eat no food to own the headphones in your signature?
  7. ForSure
    Let's me guess, South Korea. In addition, you are talking about monthly income instead of yearly.
  8. KMann
    Audeze Reveal Plugin V 1.0.1 now available

    For those of you waiting for LCD-2C presets to be added to Reveal, thank you for your patience, we have added the LCD-2C presets.

    Please grab the updated version here

    We recommend everyone to grab the update as we have made some stability improvements and bug fixes. No uninstall needed, grab the installer and install over previous version.

    ps: The webpage may show a version 1.0.0, our developers have not updated the version number, but ahead and grab the installer.
  9. Hifi59
    Received my 2c yesterday to join the rest of my Lcds (3f,XC and 4). The 2C is certainly more forward sounding than the others but still has that Audeze sound. I find them to be very clear and resolute sounding with excellent punch and authority in the bass department. Excellent midrange. At first, I did not come to this conclusion. The reason was that the supplied cable is total garbage! Music took on a plastic like sound and bass authority was diminished quite a bit. I used in its place a decent Chinese silver cable, Cardas cable and my Lcd-4 cable. All these cables transformed the 2C sound in a significant way. Bass to die for and beautiful midrange. Upper midrange and treble , while excellent overall with my other cables, improved even more with my cables that tame the high end a tad. This was the Chinese silver cable (you would think the opposite should’ve occurred with it being silver cable) and the Cardas cable. The Blue Lcd-4 cable tends to add sparkle and energy to music which works great for all my LCds except for the 2c. Just too much of a good thing. I felt upper midrange and high end of the 2c needed a wee bit of taming. So now I’m using the 2C with the Chinese cable and it’s killing it! A worthy addition to my lcd collection. The point that I want to drive home though is to set aside the supplied 2C cable and get a different one. Also this cable was difficult to remove from the 2C connector. Took a lot of effort to remove it.
    Not good. All testing was done with Wells Audio Amp, Cambridge 851N streamer Dac and Tidal Hifi.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  10. chef8489
    If anyone decided they want to sell their classics and conus let me know. I missed out on them but quite interested.
  11. George Taylor
    Excellent read, as usual.
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  12. Jack-A
    Sorry, I was talking abouth monthly income. I'm from Estonia.
  13. ForSure
  14. willywill
    A 6.3 to 3.5mm is less then $5 at your local Guitar Center/Best Buy.
  15. Jack-A
    I just bought an adapter from my local instrument shop and it appears to be a faulty one. So I can't listen them tonight.
    20180208_202805.jpg 20180208_202947.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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