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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Taowolf51
    I guess it's also worth mentioning you can get the same affect (reveal working with music played through tidal) without paying for roon by using either Equalizer APO for windows or menuBUS free for mac.

    I have to say I'm really impressed with menuBUS, it's like equalizer apo, but for mac. It's also really well integrated into the OS and automatically detects reveal once you install it. Been using my 2C's in a little bedside system consisting of my old macbook pro with an iDSD Micro. Fits perfectly on my night stand and sounds pretty great!
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  2. chef8489
    Well just threw down 600.00 for a pair that only has 10 hours on them. Hopefully they will be here in a week or less. I just hope they live up to my expectations otherwise they will go back on the market. Has anyone had a chance to compare them to the oppo pm-1?
  3. Hifi59
    I’ve owned the Oppo -PM2 which is essentially same Headphone as the PM-1 and although I no longer own them, I am quite confident that the 2c is the more enjoyable headphone for me. I am really loving this headphone and I say that as a lcd-3f, lcd-XC and lcd-4 owner. After four days of listening for a good 5 hours a day, I feel they have the impact of a typical Audeze but also possess the palpability of a good Hifiman headphone. Maybe a 70/30 ratio. This may be the reason for my addiction to their sound as both Audeze and Hifiman are my favorite headphones.
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  4. chef8489
    Great. I fell in love with the oppos and got rid of my hd650 and my th-x00 because neither came close to the pm-1. Just felt both were missing a lot.
  5. Hifi59
    I really liked my PM-2 but they didn’t get my toes tapping like the 2c. My only advice to you is that once you get them, please try a different cable (even a different Audeze cable) as I found the stock cable compromises the sound somewhat and it’s easily discernible. Of course, this only MY OPINION. Enjoy.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  6. Hifi59
    Ok. Day 5 since receiving 2c and listening for about 5 hours a day. I am as of this time declaring the 2C to be my 2nd favorite headphone of all time for their musicality and engagement behind my Lcd4!

    Current list of headphones are Lcd-3f 2016, lcd-XC 2016, Lcd-4, Hifiman 1K V2, Hifiman He-6, He-560, He-500, Sennheiser HD800 (sold) , Zmf Eikons (sold).
    So yes, some of these headphones have superior soundstage, air, bass, depth,etc but as a total listening experience I am giving it to the 2C! They are that good imo.
    I might add that I am using a Toxic Cable in place of the stock cable (not good imo). There is just something about how music comes through with these as a total package without regard to graphs or breakdown of the audio spectrum. Like I said in an earlier post, they seem to possess the best of the Audeze impactful house sound with the palpability of a good Hifiman headphone. I have thrown everything in my arsenal at them from Sinatra to Metallica and nothing seems to trip them up. I listen at moderate to moderate-loud at times. I can listen for long sessions without listening or neck fatigue. Build quality excellent. I listen to Tidal Hifi using Wells Audio Headtrip Amp and the Cambridge 851N Streamer/Dac. Unless I have a Goldie Locke’s set, these have got to be the best value in headphones currently available even at 799.00. I had to get it out there. I was impressed on day one but it just kept getting better over the following 4 days. Should my opinion change, and I doubt that, I will certainly let it be known.
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  7. GarageBoy
    Adorama.has a bunch of lcd2f in lightly used (probably demo) condition on that auction site for under $650... Hmm 2c or not 2c
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  8. Hifi59
    I used to own 2f...nice but not 2c nice. Also I would want to ensure drivers for the 2F are 2016 or newer if they were demos since previous drivers tend to fail prematurely.
  9. Jack-A
    I'm having trouble registering the serial number. When I enter the serial given on the box and on the Audeze certificate of authenticity card I get an error saying "You have entered an unrecognized serial number." Their webpage says: "Check the inside of the adjustment block on your LCD headphone to locate your serial number." but there nothing there, only left and right symbols.

    "Warranty The Audeze products comprising the LCD Collection below (each an “Audeze Product”) are under warranty as indicated by the original date of purchase (the “Warranty Period”). LCD Collection headphones include the following models: LCD-4, LCD-3, LCD-2, LCD-XC, and LCD-X. Components (applicable to each Audeze Product) LCD Planar Drivers ...............................................3 years Earpads/Headband..............................................1 year Cable(s) ....................................................................1 year"

    Nothing about the LCD-2 Classic in the pdf manual on USB drive. It's a little bit weird.
  10. pwjazz
    You should contact Audeze support. FWIW my serial number registered fine just now.

  11. GarageBoy
    They seem like the newest with the braided cable. Seems like the cheaper brother is the newest king. Where does the 2f falter comparatively?
  12. gLer
    I personally think there are quite a few ‘honeymoon period’ impressions here, and also impressions from those who could afford the 2C at $599 but not the 2F at $995 (and therefore just auditioned them briefly). Certainly very few if any actual comparisons from anyone who actually owned a 2016-version 2F. By most accounts the 2016 2F is a big improvement over the original fazors and silent revisions, so I expect the 2C is likewise. I’m yet to see a single review or side by side comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the 2C and 2016 2F, or the 2C and the original pre-F that the 2C was supposedly meant to mimic...
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  13. TK16
    Sure plenty of people could afford both, I never got the LCD 2 because of the weight, I got the LCD2 C, with the new headband it is still heavy but tolerable. I wanted to buy the LCD X, but did not because of their weight, not price.
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  14. pwjazz
    Looking at your measurements, the frequency response is quite flat from 1K on down. I've really been enjoying the LCD2C but sometimes, especially on classical and metal, I find that the sound is a bit too thick for my mood. So, I tried a -4dB low shelf filter starting at 1K with Q 1 and I'm really enjoying it right now. Still sounds like basically the same smooth headphone with deep bass extension, just brighter. Listening to some Dream Theater with it right now and digging it! I think this might calm my itch to audition something bright like an HD800.


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  15. gLer
    Apologies, I didn't mean to come across as flippant with the "affordability" comment. Of course many chose not to get the previous versions because of weight or discomfort, or for any other reason. The LCD-2C made a big splash partly because it was more affordable but also because it claimed to be more comfortable, and also used the "legend" of the original LCD-2 as a clever marketing hook. Whatever the reasons, the LCD-2C seems to be very popular for a new generation of buyer, and a new market segment for Audeze, which is just great in my book, but it also means a whole bunch of new and excited buyers wanting to put the best face of their headphones forward - and why not! More power to them. Few of whom, though, would have spent any real time with an LCD-2 beforehand, and fewer still with an LCD-2 2016F, and fewer still with both. So the point I was trying to make is that I've seen no reliable side-by-side comparisons between the 2C and 2016 2F/pre-fazor LCD-2 here or anywhere. Yet. Tyll, over to you... :wink:
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