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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. udesign48
    I'm using Calyx Coffee DAC to drive my IEMs.
  2. Maximiliano Campo
    Does anyone know if the bluetooth cipher cable will work with any bluetooth device, or will it only work with an Apple device? a7nrI8T.jpg
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  3. lgcubana
    It complies with the BT standard. So yes, it works with all BT compliant devices. The only drawback is there's no Audeze HQ (EQ) app for Android, only Apple
  4. youngarthur
    First attempt, fits well, very comfortable, but taking apart to refine. Still waiting for parts from China, to do a better job though. Xp6pieqwT56s7iiLk%BW4Q.jpg
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  5. stmiller
    What tips do you have on your isine?
  6. greenkiwi
    The EQ app doesn't work for the BT cable. It has a fixed EQ associated with it that cannot be adjusted.
  7. acia
    Casing of the control and battery is cnc metal?
  8. lgcubana
    That is a very good looking headband. Can you supply a link to the product ?
  9. youngarthur
    At 79 years old, I don't know how to upload links, but when I have done my final build on the iSine/M300, I will post all details.This is the first m300 design. Please remove , if this is inappropriate, but both in ears, have the same fittings. Colours optional!. C%fgwt1gTraeZQcSka4mZg.jpg
  10. dolomusic
    Good day folks, picked up a pair of Isine 10 and I’m shocked at the dramatic differences between using the cipher cable v2 and the 3.5. I’m using IPad and Tidal and these shine in the IOS environment It’s also playing full MQA
    My opinion if you’re in the IOS system they’re pretty good combination.
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  11. Devodonaldson
    The cipher cable maxes out at 24/48 so you're getting some resampling with the MQA files, but the DSP in the cipher cable is worth it for isine 10 and 20 for sure. Cipher cable is better than most DACs for those. I'd say the 20 sounds better with Chord Mojo than via Cipher, but that's a rare case.
  12. pstickne
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    You may like the HIFIMAN RE400 / RE600 replacement tips - $3.99 on Amazon (!!!!). The (translucent white) tips in the photo have a larger diameter than the iSine L and a flatter front which lets them sit better in my ears. Currently on day #3 with these tips. They really “get out of the way” sonically. Also comes with the largest double-flange (black) I’ve seen .. and really flimsy shirt clip :)

    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
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  13. jody2k
    Have you tried the mojo on the isine's? Bcause i have and all I can say is that the mojo is the worst dac you can use in this combination. Cipher all the way better than mojo. But there are better alternatives than the cipher cable too if you can root your phone and install viper4android. For example es100 + viper4android blows away cipher cable all the way. But yea its a hassle you need some skills too root your phone and you need to skills to use a the viper4android equalizer. And you need to be openminded bcause neutral sound doesnt excist, everthing is colored in its own way. Just listn what your ears say abd don't overly focus too much on theories and settings in this forum
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
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  14. Devodonaldson
    I have ISine 20 and LCDi4. I also have mojo, but I use out of repurposed iPhone as transport. Bit-perfect output. I like the 20 out of the mojo, personally. Cipher has more low end presence though
  15. dolomusic
    Thanks for the advice on viper/ES100. I agree the guys over at radsone due a amazing job implementing DSP into their device. But what Audeze is doing with DSP/Dac and their headphones is pretty special it’s just unfortunate that it’s only IOS based. Not saying 3.5 isn’t usable and a good sound isn’t achievable it’s more plug and play with IOS. At the end of the day I’m pretty excited about the future of personal listening devices and I’m positive USB-C/ Bluetooth will pretty remarkable in the next 3-5 years we’re just at the cusp of the technology.
    Still not as close to my 2.1 speaker setup but damn these IEM are enjoyable.
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