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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. lentoviolento
    Yesterday evening i spent two hours listening to my aeolus with audio gd nfb1... Comparing it to my handmade otl...... To me it is like Comparing caviar to a bag of chips
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  2. shadowplay0
    Hello! Since I went and purchased an Eikon at Canjam last weekend, I thought I should check in (and subscribe to this thread).

    Still loving my AFCs for office use, but the Eikons are proving themselves quite up to my random musical selections. Looking forward to more listening!
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  3. smeksime
    I'm planning on getting the Eddie Current ZDT Jr. for my office setup. Will I benefit from adding it to my RME ADI-2 DAC? I use both both Atticus and Eikon at work.
  4. SmashBruh
    Would love to hear comparisons of the ZDT Jr. against the CTH if anyone can give them (with the atticus preferably!) I've been on the hunt for a good tube amp with a more tubey sound signature. Was debating the Glenn OTL or the crackatwoa but if the ZDT is good I'd be interested in that too! :)

    Also, I'd really love to sing the praises of the Atticus for a second-
    After I received my Auteur I really thought I'd lose interest in the closed back headphone, but having the Auteur to contrast it really has only made me love it more! It's such a fun headphone to listen to. I love how I can feel it vibrating on my head head while I work!
  5. Wheel Hoss
    I ordered the ZDT Jr. and the upgraded driver tubes recommended on SBFA. Haven’t heard the CTH, but I’ll give some impressions once it arrives.

    Zach the man himself recommended the ZJr when I ordered the Atty. Some people don’t like the pairing, but Zach and I both listen to mainly mid focused music (bluegrass, traditional American, old time, etc). ZJr is supposed to have amazing layering in the mids. Can’t wait to see what tubes are all about!
  6. Pharmaboy
    Eikon came first. It has the same form factor (frame + large, continuously beveled wooden earcups) as the Atticus. The Auteur came later; it uses the same driver as the Eikon, but has a somewhat differently shaped wood earcup with a metal screen over the open section.

    I've heard the Auteur a number of times (including once IMS) but never managed to fall in love with it. I've also heard the Eikon many times IMS and definitely fell in love with it. The Eikon is one of the very best closed back headphones around IMO. Quite a spectacular listen.

    The beauty of those big wooden earcups cannot be overstated. Mine is padauk--a gorgeous wood. I've also seen several stunning burl/wood Eikons at the ZMF booth at CanJam.
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  7. maximus69
    Shout out to Zach! Received my Camphor Atticus today! What a great addition to my gear! Best build quality of all my cans and extremely comfortable, barely feel them on my head! All around great experience with purchase and look forward to years of enjoyment:) F6959A69-C4B7-4A3B-BCFA-2159F2A467E7.jpeg
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  8. Pharmaboy
    Camphor is a ver pretty wood. Never heard of it before Zach replaced cherry w/camphor as stock woods on A & E.

    I love the way tans/browns commingle with light and dark bands of grey in this wood.
  9. SmashBruh
    I love all the color variations in that one! You're a very lucky guy!!
  10. maximus69
    Thanks! Zach was great to work with! He delivered on my request for “super figure” :)
  11. mwhals
    Zach is really good to his customers.
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  12. lentoviolento

    I had all zmf dynamic except eikon.
    I needed a closed back because in the summer i keep my windows open and there is some noise.
    I sold my aeolus, the best hp i had, ordered an atticus because at the time i had it i drove it with some solid state. I want to try it with my tubes now. There is night and day difference with ss and tubes with aeolus. It doesn't seem the same hp..
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  13. Wheel Hoss
    Man I can’t wait for my ZDT to show up! Ready to bask in that tube glow ...
  14. lentoviolento
    i don'y know this zdt.. is it otl or hybrid? i prefer otl rather then hybrid. i tried a fancy wa22 with expensive tubes and didn't like it as much as feliks espressivo mk2 that i 1/4 of the cost
  15. jinxy245
    I don't think it's either, a different topology

    Most of Zach's creations really like tubes, but I've read Atticus in particular changes tremendously. Since Atty & Aeolus use the same driver, what you're saying makes sense.

    I wouldn't call it a 'different headphone' but I'd say my Aeolus seems to be affected a bit more than I hear with my Eikon on tubes. YMMV of course.
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