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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. rollinbr
    Here is the announcement of the winner.
  2. GCTD
    Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to devalue your work. I'm a big fan of your tuning as I still have my ZMF Omni Blackwood from the pre-order period and still enjoy it. I'm pretty excited for your new non-mod headphones. One more question to bother you with though, in terms of bass quality, how does your dynamic drivers compare to planar driver bass? Do you think they stack up against a good planar magnetic headphone such as your ZMF Omni Blackwood? It's hard to tell from your current photos of your drivers, but the Eikon driver looks relatively flat in terms of its shape so I would imagine it can emit a flatter wave similar to a planar driver headphone as oppose to a cone wave which most dynamic drivers produce.
  3. DoctaCosmos
    hey zach wondering what the voice coil of the eikon is made of and underhung or overhung?
  4. DoctaCosmos
    4 minutes!
    then an even longer waiting game lol.  
  5. cs098
    time to preorder!!!!!!
  6. cs098
    bought the cherry ekion!!!
  7. Viqor
    OK.  I jumped in on the Cherry Eikon.  Easily the most expensive headphone I've ever bought.  I'm very excited and a little nervous.
  8. Astral Abyss
    Paypal option missing?
    EDIT:  nevermind, I'm blind...
  9. AeRoPLoDgE
    Cherry Eikon preordered !!!!!
  10. DoctaCosmos
    the paypal option didn't leave an option to change shipping but i suppose if it's going to be a waiting game before they ship out anyways then not necessary although i planned on trying to stretch a little to get it quicker lol.  also the paypal option didn't give me the ability to leave a note asking for a more factory like finish.  Honestly i'd rather just take what ever will get here quicker.  Cherry Eikon here too
  11. mwhals
    My QP1R has a 3.5 mm headphone jack that is not balanced. I do not see that option. I only see the 3.5 mm balanced option.
  12. Aleatorius
    Pre-ordered the Padauk Eikon, why is everyone and their momma getting the cherry?
  13. Aleatorius

    That would be the 1/8" option.
  14. mwhals

    Thanks. That is what I thought, but then I calculated 1/8" did not equal 3.5 mm mathematically, which confused me.
    EternalCoconut likes this.
  15. DoctaCosmos
    for me it's because the wife thinks the cherry was $950 and the wife also thinks i sold my lcd for $950 so she thinks i'm only paying for shipping but really i had to spend $100 more than she knows about lol [​IMG]
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