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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. Aleatorius

    Yeah, I had that dilemma in the past as well but I got used to the discrepancy.
  2. DoctaCosmos
    i was scared for a minute as when the countdown got to 0 a little tab at the bottom showed it as still being offline and the page didn't show anything different.  I sent a message thinking something was wrong but all i needed to do was scroll down lol.  
  3. Aleatorius

    Haha, I hope it's just an issue of cost/aesthetics for most people or I may lose confidence in the Padauk.
  4. mwhals

  5. Aleatorius

    Same here!

    So I was under the impression the headphones would arrive with an adapter for either 1/8 or 1/4 but it seems I was mistaken.
  6. DoctaCosmos
    no reason to lose confidence!  not only is it beautiful but i'm sure you spent plenty of time deciding if the padauk sound was more your thing.
  7. DoctaCosmos
    if you ordered 1/8 it will come with a 1/4 adapter.  I asked Zach about this yesterday
  8. Viqor
    You hit it on the head for me: I like the way both look, but the Cherry is $100 less (and I love the way it looks aged).
  9. JerryLeeds
    I just ordered the pair ... waiting for email receipt...

    I wanted one 1/4 cable and the other 1/8

    Once I get the receipt I'll send them a note

    So cool ...
  10. JerryLeeds
    Rats .. I should have order both cables 1/8
  11. sgtstinker
    Preordered the Eikon in padauk! I've been researching ZMF for quite some time now and almost pulled the trigger on an Omni before these were announced. I'm glad I held off. Now it's time to play the waiting game. No one in the house understands why someone would pay this much for headphones, but I will literally be using these for hours every day so it's money well spent in my eyes. Great work, Zach, I'm so excited! 
  12. zach915m
    Yeah that's actually a really good observation!  The biocellulose material is stiffer than the TPE, so it moves more as a whole, where-as TPE is more flexible and is more nodal.   The two headphones actually measure fairly similarly in the bass with the Atticus showing a coupel DB more, but part of what makes it sound punchier int he mid bass is that nodal trampoline effect.
    So yes, I would classify the bass of the Eikon as more planar like, but still dynamic with its piston like total driver movement that is also contributed to by the rubber surround, where-as the Atticus is more nodal.
    I was actually tempted at one point to got with a larger driver but I wanted to keep distortion as low as possible so 50mm seemed like a great spot to be at. 
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    desik and GCTD like this.
  13. JerryLeeds
    Note sent ...
  14. poocaso

    Just pre-ordered the Padauk Eikon too! Hopefully the Vibro MK II Purple Heart will arrive soon to tide me over until the Eikon arrives!
  15. Mojo65
    Done! The Atticus is ordered, now I just have to wait patiently and stay away from sites/offers and black fridays.... [​IMG] but I will read you all with a lot of interest on this topic.
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