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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. Tempy-17
    Thanks. I will be buying the Norma cause of it's vinyl style of looks and it's dual Dacs (does anyone know if it is a dual stereo Dac set up or dual mono?) compared with the more expensive AK240 which I wanted to buy because my AK320 sounds like a cool expensive CD Deck player like Cambridge or something and it's possibly having a more computory sound due to Cirrus Logic DACs and looks like both those things..... but the Norma is cheaper and newer. Now I'm interested in the new iBasso DX220 cause of the 220 number I mentioned previously about Turntables. I still think a louder sound ratio might go with vinyl-simulation. Don't need to keep talking more about this. Make up your own minds.
  2. abitdeef
    Lol you’re messing around right? :wink: You realize first the DX220 is the numerical value of the next # line in their daps from the DX200 and that it has nothing to do with the made up snr number 220db of vinyl or a turntable.

    And the number 75db snr is measured so no one has to decide to make up their mind- it’s an absolute fact.

    And praytell what is ‘vinyl style of looks’? :) I wasn’t aware vinyl had its own style.
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  3. Tempy-17
    In terms of the style of looks, it's thin (from pictures I've seen) got a slant which seems like a vinyl thing to me, like some sort of jagged striking power effect of sound and it's got the slick vinyl black design on the back plus I read somewhere the new Dac had 130 db snr but later found out it's 122db, still higher than my current AK players. The iBasso DX 220 is probably going to have a higher snr than the dx200, maybe the new verita AK4499 DAC and maybe it was made based on my idea of 220 db SNR of Turntables. Had something like that happen before. Like I wanted the old 'Groove' sony headphones and found the new sony MDR ex90 with the same 'PET' diaphragm design..... so maybe it is being made for me. Magically. Maybe cause of the 'Top Job' I achieved in 2002.....
  4. tjpearson
    Yes, these are on my wish list, used pair like new on Amazon £200ish, ooooooh these replies are sooooo helpful
  5. tjpearson
    As a matter of curiosity and being new to all this can I ask where and what cable did you order Sparx81 ?
  6. sensenick
    Hi all! Have any of you paired the SR15 with the Meze 99 classic? I would be very interested in your opinion.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
  7. Tsukuyomi
    Hi again everyone! :)
    i've noticed something weird, despite having wifi/bluetooth, 0 brightness on my battery still drains fairly fast. granted ive only had the SR15 for a few days (4 so far).
    Example: leave my home at 100%, get to work and its at 89%. the entire trip is maybe 45-50min... is that normal for most people here?

    two questions:
    1. if when at 100% or while charging if i leave the SR15 plugged in, do you think it will ruin battery life? i do notice at 100% the charge symbol disappears.
    2. im running my music off my microSD card, do you think having the player play it off that card and not internally would cause more battery drain?

    thanks for any help :)
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  8. abitdeef
    Keep an eye on it and it should get better, and you don’t have WiFi or Bluetooth on correct? Like for instance, mine was at 100% last night and this morning it’s at 95% so it should get better with more use.

    I think mine drained more the first week or two, when my unit was running warmer.

    Oh and no it won’t hurt it if you leave it plugged in- it’s got a voltage regulator and it will only charge the battery if it needs it. And no I don’t think there is any noticeable difference if you play it off the micro sd card. I did my battery test off the micro sd and most people are using the card slot anyways.

    In fact I’ve been using the balanced out lately and Tidal masters and hifi and my battery life has been pretty good. The battery isn’t the greatest but it’s pretty normal for this size and feature dap, and if you charge off a 2A walwart it charges pretty quickly.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
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  9. Tsukuyomi
    im using a multiple anker USB charge dock that has quickcharge 3.1 and other features. so im hoping it can do it well.
    yeah its still getting "warm" from light use so im still in burn-in phase i believe. i'll give it a couple more days :)
  10. nicodem
    I got next unit of SR15 - this time not testing but my final one. Still got same issue - any sound source means clicks and pops for about 5-8seconds, then sound goes nice and well.
  11. Tsukuyomi
    i've never experienced this. perhaps you may need to re-rip or re-download your source files :S
  12. nicodem
    Nope, you did not understood me, I wrote this in earlier message.

    SR15 connected via USB to laptop as USB DAC mode. Any source, whatsoever - can be Tidal, Spotify, foobar or even youtube from browser - if any sound occurs it takes about 5-8 seconds for me to get rid of clicks and pops.
    Then playback goes ok. If I will pause and resume - same for next 5-8seconds. With rewind, forward - same.
  13. abitdeef
    Yeah I’d check out your files, I tested mine and I have no pops or clicks or anything, just sweet sound. Windows 10 here.
  14. bgtip
    SR15 doesn't support quick charge:
    Using a higher rated or fast-charge adapter that supports varying
    voltages (5V, 9V and 12V) is not recommended, may not charge
    the device and may cause malfunctions

    My SR15 still feels warm even after more than 200 hrs burn in.
    Battery life in balanced mode with bluetooth on is abysmal. It barely lasted my last 4 hrs flight couple of days ago, going from 95% to 20%.
  15. JasonNYC
    @nicodem I have not been able to replicate on 3 different Windows 10 machines with multiple players. I assume you probably tried most or all of these already, but if you could try again please:

    - use a different cable to connect to the computer
    - do not connect to a hub or if using a desktop, do not use front USB ports. Connect to a USB port that is directly attached to the computer motherboard (most of the back ports)
    - try a different USB port
    - update the USB drivers for your computer. The default Windows drivers for your computer should work without issue
    -try unplugging other USB devices that are connected and possibly causing interference on the USB bus
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