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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. shimigg
    I doubt that, it's happening after each track and to a very low volume, can't listen to a playlist that way, and if it's that way on BT, why not wired?
  2. shimigg
    I'm pretty much new to the DAP world, I have done some A/B testing with my phone over APTX HD and the AK SR15 also over APTX HD , same headphones , my question is, yes I know wired can be different, but is there a difference with Bluetooth circuit also that I can spot a change where the AK SR15 sounds warmer , Fuller and with better soundstage?
  3. abitdeef
    No, the Bluetooth container (aptx LDAC) can send more information but the analog conversion is done by the recieving unit. So you are not experiencing the dac of the sr15 when you are listening to Bluetooth.
  4. shimigg
    So where is the change I hear in sound?
  5. abitdeef
    Buy using really good Bluetooth headphones or by sticking a wire into one of those 2 jacks on your dap :wink:
  6. shimigg
    Lol, I mean the change between the DAP and phone , if Bluetooth processing is the same
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  7. abitdeef
    That could be differences in the Bluetooth transmitters- AK guy will have the answer I’m sure.
  8. buonassi
    depends on the earphone you have. some impede the high frequency switching noise and other very sensitive (CA Jupiter for example) allow it through. The noise is caused by the RF of the wifi antenna. You may notice it is worse when downloading a big file very fast, vs streaming a file a bit at a time.

    This was my experience with Fiio X7ii and I can barely hear it with Hiby R6. On both, I only heard it with very sensitive in-ears. I'd assume it's the same thing with SR15.
  9. domho7
    Any one here have the Sp1000M How's it compare with SR15. Tks
  10. buonassi
    was just covered a few posts back....
  11. emrelights1973
    Bluetooth is only for plane rides! Still the advantage can be to carry 500Gb with you and not drain the phone battery,
  12. mxroadie
    Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to compare both intensively. I first experienced the SR15 by itself and I thought it sounded very good. Fairly neutral with good details retrieval. Slightly energetic in it's presentation with a slight boost in the sub bass region.

    This time round, I started with the sp1000m. I thought it sounded good - very effortless and confident delivery. Excellent details retrieval but presented in a subtle and non-fatiguing manner, this is a player you can listen for hours. But it also left me wondering why it is so expensive. Based on my memory of the sr15, I cannot see why I would spend another 2.5k Singapore dollars. Then I decided to try the Sr15 again, this time straight after the sp1000m. Huge mistake. The thing that stood out was how much more holographic the soundstage was. Incredible depth and enveloping vs. the flat plane is which the Sr15 was delivering music. Layering on the sp1000m is very impressive, you can hear everything but it was just so effortless (lack of a better word). Presentation is more relaxed and refined.

    I think with the current technology, details retrieval is a given and you are really just paying for presentation and somehow, AK just seems to be able to do it better. I didn't purchase the Sr15 in the end, as planned and am not working towards the sp1000m.
  13. Giullian
    Hello guys! Just saw that Tidal opened up the Android app for Masters. When are we seeing the openapk for Ak? :)
  14. emrelights1973
    Ben there done that:)
  15. Giullian
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