Astell & Kern Junior (AK Jr.) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by doublea71, Apr 24, 2015.
  1. stoobot
    Mine are pretty much all 500x500 (or less) .jpgs

    Weirdly some album art saved at 1200x1200 displays, but some doesn't! No idea why!
  2. Gudedomo
    Has anyone else experience a bug where the AK Jr. cannot wake the screen up while playing? It happens to me EVERY TIME. After maybe 5-6 times of turning the screen on/off to change tracks during a listening session, the screen will refuse to turn on again when I press the power button. The side controls still works however. The only solution I've found is to restart the player. I'm already using the latest firmware, and factory reset didn't fix it either.
  3. stoobot
    Actually had this problem for the very first time today. Found that plugging the USB cable in 'woke' the screen back up. Not sure what caused it unfortunately though!
  4. stoobot
    Just wondering if anyone has had an issue where the album title shows as '0' in the player, but in tagging software shows the correct name? Is there a quick fix, or is it best to strip the tags from the culprit tracks and re-add them?
  5. Gerryhatrick
    Hi guys
    Need some advice re Bluetooth earphones for the Jr. I have a cheap pair (Maxnor Bluetooth 4.1) which pair perfectly, but my rather more expensive Sony MDR xb70bt are not recognised by the Jr.

    I know the bluetooth capabilities of the Jr are pretty poor but is there any way to predict which Bluetooth devices will pair and which won’t?

    In my ignorance I assumed all Bluetooth devices should be recognised at least....
  6. damobananna
    after i drowned my jnr in capsicum juice at work i picked up an lg v10, 4 days after it arrived it is stuck on bootloop. moral,
    do not buy a lg smartphone
  7. Hellkitchen
    I've finally brought mine back to the shop for RMA. I hope iRiver will fix it or at least provide me with a new, fully functional unit.
  8. -kent-
    I bought the AK JR a few days ago and I have mixed feelings. The 10.000 Songs limit is a bit frustrating, but can be overlooked when you use the folder view - BUT... I have a big problem with a 256GB card from Samsung. Every time I reboot or start the device from a cold boot, the AK JR sees the 256GB Micro SD Card as 196mb - I always have to remove and insert it again. After a few attempts, it'll recognize the card and everything works fine. But when I insert the player into my computer, the system tells me that it has to format the external medium which is 196mb big.

    Now if I use the card without the player, the computer recognizes the card as 256GB and everything works. When I insert a 128GB SanDisk card into the player, the player not only recognizes the card in a second, but also mounts it after a boot. And when I connect the player to the computer both cards (internal and external) show up in the device settings.

    Has anyone tried another brand or has the same problems? I couldn't imagine that it is brand specific. And the website from Astell & Kern also says that a max of 320GB are possible (256 external + 64 internal)
  9. Lavakugel
    How is the JR holding up against new arrivals? Shanling M2 or Fiio X1?

    Looking for a ultra portable setup for jogging and travelling...
  10. Gerryhatrick
    Sonically and for output power the AK Jr every time. (As has been commented on many times, the UI is slow.) Also if you plan on using bluetooth headphones/IEMs, in my experience the bluetooth capabilities of the AK Jr. are flaky.
    The Shanling is definitely ultra portable and I'm guessing bluetooth will be better.
  11. Necron99
    This is called the A&K Stepchild for several reasons. Bluetooth performance is one. Stay away!
  12. Fastnbulbous
    I see no point in using bluetooth if you care about good sound. People might as well be using any old cell phone with a streaming app for that purpose. I got the JR because it meets my needs for travel just fine, powering my MrSpeakers ÆON quite nicely. It's 64GB + 256GB card capacity is the same as other players that are three times the price, so it was no contest for me. I'm not paying a grand for a player that doesn't have at least 2TB internal memory. It's really sad how slowly storage technology has crawled in the past 20 years.
  13. Necron99
    Notice I said one. When using the audio output the Stepchild more than holds its own. Indeed, this is why and how I still use it.
    I answered to him/her asking about jogging and traveling, assuming some Bluetooth may be involved. So let's split the difference. Yay for analog, nay for Bluetooth.
  14. stoobot
    Would totally agree with all of the above. The AK Jr definitely holds it's own in term of sound quality... when using a wired connection - but it's bluetooth capabilities are probably its weakest point. I've tried using mine with the ProJect bluetooth receiver as part of my home hifi set up, it really doesn't like being moved around, but seems to hold up alright if it's sat still - but if you're not going to move it around you might as well just use a 3.5mm to phono cable!
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  15. stuboy
    I can confirm that on my win10 x64 box disabling xHCI in the BIOS does indeed make the AK junior work as a DAC, nothing else i tried had any effect!

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