Astell & Kern Junior (AK Jr.) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by doublea71, Apr 24, 2015.
  1. cbl117
    I had the same thing happen to the first one I bought. I returned it, and bought a second one. The second one does NOT do this and I would strongly recommend you exchange yours (for obvious safety reasons)

    Also, I noticed the exact same behavior with regards to the screen being on/off. I feel like this is the exact issue I had with mine, and there is no way to resolve it.
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  2. Hellkitchen
    Thank you very much for sharing. This is exactly what I will do as soon as I will be back from holidays !
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  3. alucard177
    Just got one in rose gold. Really good DAP for using on the go. I like the warm signature of it, the UI is a bit slow but at least it does not freeze or something like that. Now some porn:



  4. Lavakugel
    How much did you pay? Are these getting cheaper?

    Is the sound comapable to ak70?
  5. alucard177
    I paid $269 for mine with the leather case included and I'm very happy with the SQ. It's a huge improvement over my iPad mini and a step up over my Note 4 wich is quite good in the sound dept. The instrument separation and resolution is definitely an improvement over any smartphone or tablet I've ever owned, it's also very enjoyable and musical with its warm sound signature. Saldy I can't compare it to the AK70 since I don't have one but I think that's gonna be my next DAP
  6. trojan2900
    I couldn't get sound out the ak jr using it as a usb dac. I have a laptop running windows 10. I disabled USB 3.0 in the bios, and now the sound works. This solution was stated a few pages back and I can attest that it works.

    For what it's worth, I prefer the sound of the Jr over the ak70. The ak jr may be a Astell & Kern forgotten child, but it does sound great.
  7. stoobot
    Never seen the rose gold version before! Wow!

    I'd been thinking about selling my JR and upgrading to something with more storage and a nicer UI, but since getting some new IEMs and learning of a 400gb microSD hitting the market - I think I'll hang on!

    It's such a good little player really. Sound quality is superb and it's extremely slim and pocketable. It's a bit 'no frills' compared to most modern players - but I quite like that! I almost see it as the FLAC equivalent of a cassette walkman
  8. lights
    I've been thinking about getting the JR for a while but the lag is the only thing putting me off. Does it make any difference to the lag if you only use the internal storage and don't use an SD card?
  9. stoobot
    Although it's an old old update, the 1.03 firmware sorted the lag out for me altogether. I don't have any music on the internal storage at all - I've got 50gb on a microSD and don't have any problems browsing.

    Scrolling through the folder file browser is a bit quicker than going through artists, but not enough to be a deal breaker
  10. lights
    Thanks for the reply. It doesn't sound as bad from what you say, but the reviews I saw on Amazon are all over the place. There are people who say it isn't that bad, but there also some saying that it's unusable. It's hard to get an idea of what it's actually like without using one.
  11. stoobot
    I think the reviews will vary depending on whether the user is running the latest firmware update (1.03). I'd say mine was definitely slower to browse with the firmware version it shipped with and internal memory almost full - even then though, I wouldn't say it was ever unusable or that the UI was slow enough to stop me enjoying it!

    I don't know about other users, but I find mine runs best with everything on microSD
  12. Forever8895
    That greatly depends on what you define as "usable". If you're expecting the "iphone-smoothness" on this little device, then this is not for you. When you have more than 20 albums with artwork included, the UI became very laggy, especially scrolling. Out of the box, mine is running on firmware 1.03, so I don't know what they improved. I have about 50gb of FLAC stored in internal memory, about 10gb more on MicroSD, and they became much more laggy comparing to out-of-the-box experience.
    On the other hand, if what you're looking for is a great pocketable DAP which looks sexy as hell, and you can bear the slowliness of the UI (after all, listening to music would be better when you take it slowly) then you should buy it. I really love the sound quality, and also it is so damn nice!
  13. Gudedomo
    OCD Folder organizers, what's the best way to sort out music if I'm not using any programs to transfer music to my player? I mostly just drag and drop onto the player/MicroSD card into folders by Album.
  14. stoobot
    I like to have folders structured as;
    Artist name > Year - Album name

    Where I have various artist compilations - I have a folder called 'Compilations & OSTs' and then have a subfolder for the Album/OST.

    I think it comes down to how you like to listen to your music. I'm a bit old fashioned and like to listen to whole LPs at a time, so structuring my folders by Artist and then Album works perfectly for me
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  15. Gudedomo
    How is album art formatted? I have them in the folder as jpgs mostly 500x500 but sometimes they show up sometimes they don't.

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