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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. SilverEars
    I do mean Mojo.
  2. Gosod
    Prefer this player with Xba A2
  3. deniska80
    Can i use ak380 as external dac via wifi or bluetoorth? I have iphone 7 with huge library in neutron player...
    And can i listen to apple music from iphone withoutany wires?
  4. Binsterrrrr
    Hi all, I own an ak380cu, but I realise that overtime, the unit tarnishes a lot faster than when I first got it. Is there anyone else that is facing this issue? Or is there a way to slow down the tarnishing of the copper? Thank you!
  5. xxx1313
    How do you clean your Cu?
  6. Binsterrrrr
    I was told to use autosol metal polish.
  7. xxx1313
    The protective coating from A&K does not last very long, this is true. The internet tells me that Autosol also protects the metal, so I am surprised that you have to polish your Cu so often. I personally use Unipol, which commonly used for the protection of brass instruments. It is rather oily and protects copper from tarnishing for some time. It is enough to polish it every two months or so.
  8. Binsterrrrr
    It tarnishes really fast which is something I dont understand. May I know how old is your unit?
  9. tienbasse
    The thing you have to understand is that the "tarnish" is actually a layer of copper oxide. If you remove it without applying a protection afterwards, oxidation will occur again very fast, especially if you have wet hands, since water will speed up the process.

    There are products that will turn the ugly greenish copper oxide into another oxide that is less colored and more resistant, to better isolate the fresh copper metal underneath from further oxidation. But it's less efficient with copper than it is with iron.

    In other metals (titanium, aluminum...), the oxidized layer is not colored (just a slightly darker hue) and hard enough to protect the fresh metal underneath from further oxidation.
    Which is why copper is initially such a poor choice for a chassis that is going to be handled primarily with dirty/greasy/wet hands.
  10. xxx1313
    It is 18 months old. I have to add that I do not touch the Cu often, because I use the RM01 remote control.
  11. deniska80
    Can I use it as external dac for my iPhone 7?
    May be over cable...
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  12. Binsterrrrr
    So do u have any suggestions on what is that layer of "protection" i can use after polishing so that it will maintain its shine? thanks
  13. bflat
    I no longer have the CU but when I did, I used:


    You apply the polish and use a microfiber cloth to buff clean. Washing the cloth in hot water and soap afterwards is all it takes to clean it. In CA climate that is low humidity and no pine trees, it stays polished for about 2 weeks (rose gold color) if you don't touch it much and it gradually fades for another 4 weeks to reach a copper color, but still shines. I never waited long enough to see how long it would take to reach tarnished look, but I would predict a couple months. The one really irritating thing is that the area around the power button can tarnish in a matter of days since your finger is touching it a lot and depends on much clean your hand is.
  14. Binsterrrrr
    So to clarify. u use metal polish on the cape cod polishing cloth?
  15. bflat
    Not quite. The cape cod product is a cloth that is soaked in the polish formula, packaged in re-sealable foil pouch so you can re-use the cloth. It is NOT a polishing cloth, just a means to apply the polish. I initially made the mistake thinking the product was all in one. However since it is soaked in polish formula, it can never remove the polish from the metal so it is only meant to apply the polish to the metal surface. Therefore you need a dry, clean microfibre cloth (not included) to wipe the polish off. By doing so, your microfibre cloth will pick up all the black oxidized copper. My second mistake was thinking that the black oxidized copper (there will be lots of it), cannot come out of the microfibre cloth so I threw it away. My wife smacked me in the back of the head and showed how simply washing in hot water with soap gets the oxidized copper to release from the cloth.
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