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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. Nomax
    .....here a short Video of my AK380SS in Action with my AKG 812 3D MESH ......sounds great...and also great with my FOCAL UTOPIA


    PS.if anybody from European Union is interested to buy a AK380SS....feel free and send me a Message
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2017
  2. LouisArmstrong
    Looks like many dual-SP1000 and AK380 owners actually prefer the sound of AK380. Can anyone share your thoughts?
  3. doc0075579
    I had a 380 black with Amp for a little while, I didn't think it was much better than my RWAK240 so I sold it . I now have the SP1000 and it's a clear step up .
    LouisArmstrong likes this.
  4. Samuel777
    I prefer my CU combo
  5. haiku
    OK, but what is it that makes it sound better for you than the SP1000?
  6. Samuel777
    It's natural cooper cover, oxydation and th fact that it get tarnish. That is something characterizing sound quality of the real cu DAP.
  7. LouisArmstrong
    So the copper of the SP1000Cu will not rot like my AK380Cu does?
  8. haiku
  9. Samuel777
    For the best quality sound : ak380 copper is the adhequate. It is as it is, but deliver something top in term of SQ. The difference is more noticible than with or without the leather cover.
    metalboss likes this.
  10. kel77
    Good for you then. I believe strictly in only what I hear and hence read reviews always with a pinch of salt. I pay for what I like rather than what others claim that is "good".
  11. mthaynes
    Hello little SD card Help. I have the CU version so I guess I am limited to 128g cards, but I see on the stainless that it allows 256g cards. What is the maximum card size I can use in a AK380CU and do I have to do anything like partition the drive? I tried searching but looking for things is not my best skill.

    thanks in advance
  12. kel77
    I am using Samsung Evo+ 256GB in AK380 black. No problems.
    mthaynes likes this.
  13. xxx1313
    I am using Sandisk 200GB SD cards with both AK380 CU and Duralium, no problems.
  14. Samuel777
    I'm using scan disk 200 GB micro sd card with my (AK380 + amp)*cu, and it works very well : no problems with.
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  15. Morimoriya 62
    Hi guys
    Does anyone comparison Dx200 MANGO os and AK PS 1000 or AK380 copper version with Amp ?
    Because I recently discovered MANGO os :wink: ,The difference I heard was significant , Especially Image and soundstage with great resolution background was BLACK .use 2.5 balance Amp 1

    Thanks :)
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