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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. rbalcom

    I'm using it in my AK380. Works fine.
  2. nogi replicant
    Thanks people. Much appreciated.
  3. Rei87
    Decided to take our hands at adding modifications to refine the sound of the SS. For the moment, all we did was contact enhancements at the connectors (both inside and out) and that it itself added considerable body to the depth of the soundn. The most effects were felt from the amp+player 4pin interface. 
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  4. onlychild

    Curious to know which contact enhancement applicator you used so I can apply it to the outside of my player+amp 4-pin connection.

    Mines been redwine modded so I've had the ribbon cable you see at the bottom replaced with copper litz wire on both the player and the amp sections. I always suspected that that was the cause of the increased amount of detail I was hearing after the mod since the rest of the redwine mod is basically caps to help with current delivery, e.g quicker, tighter bass with more depth. The increased amount of detail was probably the bottleneck of the ribbon cables being removed. Just my guess.

    That ribbon cable is basically the interconnect between the player and the amp and when you combine the ribbon cable from the player section output and the amp section input, it's probably 2-3 inches.

    Any chance you have the skills to replace it with silver litz wire. Curious how much of a difference it would make over the copper litz I have.
  5. Samuel777
    How many GB do we effectively have, and which is useful with Micro SD Card of 256 GB (scan disk or samsung) with the AK Dap ?
  6. Rei87

    I wholeheartedly agree that the ribbon cable mod would do a world of difference to the amp output. Altho, I will state a disclaimer that standards of perceived differences are relative, and to me, right now, even the smallest improvements is significant as we have hit the point of diminishing returns in terms of modifications and tweaks. 

    I myself have only done naught but reversible mods, such as installing EMI blocking sheets between components (a damn tight fit if i may say), telos stickers on almost every components inside, and contact enhancers on every single connection points, and possibly a battery upgrade to something better than industry standard batteries. Once I've finalized the sound that I want, I will, like you go for a full wire replacement mod which would involve re-soldering the points within the player. At that point, the ribbon wire will be sure to go too (along with changing the clock circuit, op-amps and possible the DAC too. 

    Anyway, to answer your question, the contact enhancer that I use would be the one by Furutech. This is used extensively by the overclocking community in Japan between components (e.g. CPU and motherboard, GPU etc), so I was pleasantly surprised too that that positive effect translated into a darker background for the overall music which made instruments 'pop' out more. 
    I will admit too, that these sound like snake oil, and I too have no idea why I perceive these changes, even during blind A/B tests (when these mods cost upwards of 300 dollars for some of the items, I wont pay for it if it doesnt work). But, I can hear that it does, and if the A/B blind tests (albeit non statistical significant) reveals the same thoughts, to hell with skepticism. Thats what audio is, essentially. If it makes you happy, who cares lol 
  7. rbalcom

    Internal memory total of 228 GB and SDcard memory total of 238 GB per the System Information of the AK380.
  8. bflat

    Note, if you are using a Mac to transfer files, Mac OS uses decimal (e.g. 1KB is 1,000 bytes) to report file sizes whereas Android uses binary (e.g 1 KB is 1,024 bytes). What that means is the file size reported on the Mac Finder appears "larger" than the same file reported on the AK380. Why does Mac OS do this? Because drive manufacturers label their capacity in decimal as well (usually marked by a very small asterisk), therefore on a Mac, the "capacity" of the drive matches what is displayed in Finder.
  9. nogi replicant
    Have just started using the 380 dac with Dita Truth's with my surface pro for movies and very happy with the results.
  10. Uncle Monty
    Question - ripping ads onto my AK380 and get message ' not enough storage space '  - got Sandisk micro SD inserted in player and player recognises it but doesn't automatically start putting music on card when internal memory full - am I missing something?
  11. rbalcom
    Assuming you are using the AK Ripper with the AK380, it puts the music in a directory called Ripping on the Internal Memory. You have to move it to the Music directory or the SD card using a file transfer app or your computer.
  12. Uncle Monty

    I'll try that - assumed it would just switch to the SD card once the internal memory was full.
  13. Uncle Monty

    When I attach AK380 to laptop and open Android File Transfer the music files are all in the 'Ripping' folder under 'Internal Storage' but when I try to highlight and copy the files it just gives the options 'New Folder' or 'Delete'. Dragging and dropping the files into 'SD Card' doesn't work either - how do I move them over?
  14. bflat

    AFT is a really basic utility which is why it's free LOL.
    You have to copy the folder to your laptop, then copy it back to the SD card. You also have to remember to delete the original folder from the internal drive. You also want to avoid plugging the SD card into your Mac because the Mac OS will add a bunch of hidden files to every folder that actually display in Folder View. Using AFT prevents the adding of these hidden files. You can also buy Blue Havest app that can remove the hidden files on the SD card if you still want to plug the SD card into you Mac for faster read/writes.
  15. Uncle Monty
    Thanks - why is this so complicated?! -next stupid question - for simplicity, can I copy the entire 'Ripping' folder onto my Mac and then copy it whole to 'SD Card' or do I have to open it and copy only the contents? 
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