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Are you a console or PC gamer?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by music alchemist, Aug 8, 2016.
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  1. snapz47
  2. Jinoh
    Grew up with both, but mainly console. Nintendo and Sony, but made the switch later to PC. Love both :)
  3. mikerrr
    i am pc gamer... i dont like consoles

    i,play all the kind of games
  4. KungFuNat
  5. Tigermelon
    PC gamer because I love tinkering with my toys and I have multiple hobbies utilizing a PC.
  6. freb03
    Got my gaming pc since 2015. I studied in graphic design before so i was with mac for a decade. I know hardware and compatibility is better with pc but i will always preffer mac os x. Anyway, since then im gaming pc more than console because there's a lot more choice of games and like others said i can always play emulator if i feel like. It just sucks that there are done PlayStation game that i would like to play like last of us 2 that will come out and little big planet 3.
  7. bradysays
    Been a pc gamer for about 20 years now. I see how much these new consoles which come out every couple of years cost and think f*ck that lol I can just upgrade my graphics card if needed.
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  8. ongsta
    Grew up playing counter-strike on the PC, have never fully managed to play a shooter on a console.

    Having said that, I do love console for RPG's. Currently unit is a Switch which I use to play games on my daily commute.
  9. Zeo-Gold92
    Right now I'm just a console gamer, that is until I get my rig underway. Pretty excited as it'll be the first I build from scratch. Exciting.
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  10. SteezyRayVaughan
    I've been wanting to build a pc here recently, but with the inflated prices of gpu's and ram (thanks crypto miners!), I'm going to wait a little longer. If you're quick though, you can find decent prices here and there. Still it can be a hassle.
  11. Zeo-Gold92
    It definitely can be, I put off building a PC only because at the time I couldn't justify it. But I'm looking forward to it now.
  12. totte
    Used to be all about super nintendo and then n64. But as soon as I built my first pc(celeron 400 mhz)and we got a decent internet connection (not a lousy 56k modem) it was all pc. The 64 was very nice though. Alot of great times playing golden eye and mario cart!
  13. Fotopaul
    Nothing beats "PC hardcore gamers" telling everyone why their custom neon build is da crap.. and that console games sucks becuase they are not played on a pc.. LOL
  14. headhuan
    If they enjoy their games and don't feel like theyre missing out then more power to them, its all about having fun
    Have you ever copy the video files or pictures to discs for preservation? There is more or less quality loss when you convert video to DVD or BD, especially the burn high definition one. But you could reduce the quality loss to a minimum.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018
  15. stray1000
    Mostly a PC gamer. That said, there are so many console-exclusive games that are simply too fun to pass up. Will definitely get a console when Black Friday swings by.
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