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Anyone using Arcam irDAC & what do you think of it?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by garysan, Aug 21, 2013.
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  1. thewatcher101
    For those who like a very forgiving sound, and won't destroy all poor recordings. The Arcam does a great job, it has all the aspects of good sound while being very forgiving, I run it into my MG Head OTL III, and it sounds magnificent. But if you are the analytical type that like the HD800 over HD650 or the LCDX/3 over the LCD 2, then going with Mojo or Hugo, will be a much better bet. 
  2. bharat2580

    i actually find it a little bit aggressive and the highs are a bit piercing even with a tube amp and a hd650 , but maybe i just don't like that sparkle.
  3. reihead

    From memory, I agree with your opinion, similar equipment, tube amp and the HD600 and highs were a bit too aggressive.
  4. saidentary
    I'd still like to know the answer to this question, if anyone has any experience.
  5. bharat2580

    the supply is what makes the irdac a good buy, its very well implemented and the clock is another good part. so if you ask me its pointless, if you want to spend get the mojo maybe or a ladder dac, i say that because they are both different implementations then a regular sig-del chip which ever if you change would be almost the same flavour.
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  6. Shetzu
    I finally took the plunge and received my Burson Soloist MK2 yesterday which sounds absolutely great with my mojo and Hd 800 (modded with super dupont resonator). No shrills & highs absolutely musical sound. I intend to get the tube amp later this year to keep a balance and decided upon Woo Audio WA6 with sophia princess upgrade tube and drivers.[​IMG] 
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  7. bharat2580
    OR you just use the mojo.
  8. Shetzu
    Yes Correct. Hope you have been able to sell Your Burson.
  9. nicoch46
    take a look at multibit revolution by schiit 
  10. bharat2580

    still there ,
  11. eshiku
    any's irDAC make a clicking sound between sound on and off?
    Mine makes a "click" sound when I pause any music that I am playing and the USB LED turns red, then another "click" when I press play again. 
    however, it doesn't do that when I mute....
  12. bharat2580
    thats a relay, cutting the circuit, all normal
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