1. AndyDandy

    XiangSheng DAC-05A thoughts?

    I'm curious if anyone has any impressions, thoughts or opinions about it. It retails on average for $250. Here are some of its specifications: Single Dimensions: width 330mm, depth 220mm, height 70mm Frequency response: 20Hz-35KHz SNR: general port output: 110dB Harmonic...
  2. AndyDandy

    Is the Audiolab m-dac still relevant in 2017?

    It has the ESS9018 chip, a class A amp and XLR outs. It has won many awards as well. However, this unit is from 2010. Does it have competitors that nowadays outperform it (within the Audiolab m-dac price range)?
  3. garysan

    Anyone using Arcam irDAC & what do you think of it?

    As title really :)
  4. trippinonprozac

    HELP NEEDED!! - Audiolab M-DAC/ Audio GD Compass 2/Yulong D18 Sabre DACS

    A while ago when I made the purchase of my Audio GD NFB 10-SE I did some fairly extensive listening to the Audiolab M-DAC which at the time was at the top of my list in regards to value for money. I couldnt quite stretch the budget that far so I settled with the NFB 10-SE which I have been...
  5. DragonixSasuke

    Simaudio Moon 100D VS. Peachtree Decco VS Audiolab M-DAC

    Hi everyone,   I am a novice and I have been looking at the web.   I decided to get one of there:   Simaudio Moon 100D Peachtree Decco 2 Audiolab M-DAC   Any impression which one is better use via USB and I like to listen to vocal trance, bossa nova, jazz, pop, classical.  ...
  6. davidc2

    Question about Audiolab M-DAC

    Can anyone tell me please if it is possible to have both balanced and unbalanced outputs on the M-DAC active at the same time (as you can with the DacMagic)? (I've read the M-DAC's manual and I couldn't find the answer there).   I have x2 sources - digital out from an ASUS Essence STX for...
  7. zenzero-2001

    Swtiching from Techlink Wires XS RCA to XLR cables for M-DAC

    Hi Everybody   I'm currently using a pair of Techlink Wires XS RCA cabels to connect my Audiolab M-DAC to my KRK RP5 G2 speakers. I decided to switch to balanced XLRs because the M-DAC is apparently optimized for them. I have just bought a pair of Mark Grant XLRs. The difference between the...
  8. afhole

    Upgrade advice - new amp? (Currently: Squeezebox Touch // Audiolab M-DAC // Creek OBH-21 // Sennheiser HD800)

    I have been building up my headphone rig for a year or so now and currently have the following gear:   Squeezebox Touch Audiolab M-DAC Creek OBH-21 Sennheiser HD800   I'd love to get some opinions on possible upgrades - I get the feeling that the Creek OBH-21 has become a bit of a...
  9. aphinity

    Alternatives to Audiolab M-DAC?

    Think I might just pull the trigger on the Audiolab M-DAC.  Looks like a winner......   Unless, someone has a better option sub-$1000 that drives headphones and monitors well?   Thanks.
  10. dadab12

    Has anyone tried the Audiolab M-dac with the HD 800?

    Hello guys, I currently posses the SPL Auditor and the Senn HD800, I also ordered the odac as a replacement for my dac as it passed away... just couldn't resist the price and hype.. I'm also interested in a higher priced dac and the M-dac caught my attention.. has anyone tried it with this...
  11. lxar

    Wadia 121 or Audiolab m-Dac?

    I just sold my Benchmark dac1 was feeding both my Sennheiser HD-650 and my focal cms 50 active monitor speakers and i am in the quest for the Graal, sorry i ment for another dac/pre/headphone amp. I clearly picked as two candidates the wadia 121 decoding computer and Audiolab m-dac Any...
  12. baojie

    ed9 is good match with Audiolab M-dac or centrance dacmini ?

     the price is almost same , im connect with laptop ,or anyone have new suggestion ?  thx
  13. seekadds

    Audiolab M-DAC vs Asus Xonar Essence One

    It is that time of year when the upgradeitis kicks in, and I need your input! Next up: DAC/Amp combo. I have narrowed it down to either the M-DAC or the Essence One. I might consider the Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus or the Benchmark DAC1 as well. Here are my needs:   -One box solution: I...
  14. SirBenn21

    Woo Audio WA6-SE (Special Edition) Headphone Amplifier PLUS Audiolab M-DAC

    I was wondering if the Audiolab M-DAC will work well in combination with the WA6-SE?   At the moment I only have a Asus Xonar Essence ST as a source.   Any suggestions for a DAC that would be a good combo for the Woo Audio WA6-SE in the $1000 range?   Ben
  15. Adaptivemotion

    Looking for a new dac.. Audiolab M-DAC or W4S DAC-2

    Hi,   I'm looking to buy a new DAC for my system. The two I am looking at right now is the Audiolab M-DAC ($950) and the W4S DAC-2 ($1499).   Does anyone have any opinion on which one would be the best buy of these two?   My current rig is: Xonar essence stx - Nordost red dawn ls 2...
  16. Sonic Defender

    Basic external sound card

    Looking for a basic USB external sound card (two channel audio use, although I know they all support various flavours of surround) that I can use to patch into my Audiolab DAC from a Dell laptod (about 4 years old I think with a Centrino processor). This is ONLy for when I am just playing 320...
  17. ACGNerd

    k701 amps suggestions? for japanese anime songs

    Hey guys, I'm new here. It's good that I can find this forum. Let's go straight to the topic. I have an AKG K701 and I have a MDAC. The MDAC does have DAC and Amp, but the amp kinda sucks. So I want to buy a decent amp for my k701. The thing is, I mostly listen to anime songs(japanese girls...
  18. metsat

    Purchased Audiolab M-DAC....

    Hi all,   I was tempted and just hit the buy button blindly without testing the M-DAC personally, I do have 30-days money back guarantee though. I will hook it up with my Shure SRH-1840, using Furutech Formula 2 cable and Sonic Studio Amarra. What do you guys think of that combo? Feedback...
  19. daniel_hokkaido

    Let's talk about DAC PSUs

    Hey    I have been chatting a bit about PSUs and dacs in the phonitor roll call thread. I read a long review of the antelope zodiac gold on 6 moons  last week and my curiosity was raised as to the exact method an external PSU delivers improved sonics to the listener.    My guess has...
  20. Krisman

    What headphone DAC/Amps use the ESS Sabre DAC chip?

    Hi guys,   I have listened to loads of HiFi DACs that use the ESS Sabre chipset and I have always liked their signature. I was wondering if people knew any good headphone DAC/amps that also used that chip as might try a couple to see if they have the same signature with several pairs of...
  21. Snooze

    Need Help for purchase of either Audio lab mDAC with CORDA classic amp VS Burson HA160D

    Im in need of some opinions on whether I should spend:   Auddiolab M-DAC AUD949.00 and Meier Corda Classic AUD699.00 TOTAL AUD1648.00   Or   Burson HA160D TOTAL AUD1200.00     I asked the online shop what he suggested as an alternative to the Burson HA 160D and he said that...
  22. grokit

    Balanced DACs $600 - $1600, the segment explodes

    Along with seemingly everything else, there's an abundance of new mid-fi DACs coming out of the woodwork lately trying to challenge the next tier up.   Some of the models that have been catching our eyes lately:   Yulong D-18, D-8 (1) Shiit Gungnir (5) Woo WDS-1 (1) Wyred4Sound...
  23. Bass_Luvr

    Best Amp for an M-DAC

    Some people from the computer source forum reffered me to ask amp questions here. So I'm starting my first setup, but I plan to not be cheap and have a great experience . So far I already plan to or already have a: Source: Desktop, Foobar with KS or ASIO, (WAV or FLAC) Phones: Sennheiser...
  24. matt120

    Dac/Amp to go with Grado RS-2s

    Hi Guys   I've had to dig my headphones out again since moving from a detached house to a flat and well they just aren't cutting it compared to my last speaker set up.   My current rig is Foobar/FLAC -> Emu 0404 USB -> Modded HeedCanamp -> Grado RS-2s but the combo just isn't making me...

    Audiolab Q-DAC

    I recently purchased the new Q-DAC from Audiolab and was surprised to not find any discussion about it here on Head-Fi.   The Q-DAC is very similar to the highly regarded M-DAC. The main differences are the removal of the balanced XLR outputs and the halving of the optical and coax inputs. ...