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Anyone using Arcam irDAC & what do you think of it?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by garysan, Aug 21, 2013.
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  1. bharat2580
    check out the fliers of both and see the build quality, there a lot of cost cutting and the 9016 is not even on the same level as the outgoing burr brown 1796. 
    and then the freq resp.
  2. nephilim32

    Hey!! I bought mine a couple years back from the same seller. He has the best price. Nice job. I can vouch for this seller. You'll get your DAC in one piece!

    Also. I'm hearing some interesting comments about the irDAC 2 where the ESS 9018 chip is makes the DAC staging less warm sounding than the original?
    If this true. Grab the irdac 1 because the warmer the DAC and less thin the better the pairing for what you wanna get (HD 800 and Burson. :wink:
    Lol now I'm curious to hear the irDAC 2.
    But hey, 445$ for irDAC 1 !!!! That's an amazing deal. I paid more then. 150$ more. Lol.

    Think maybe you should jump on this. Also, the direct iPod a-synchronous USB link is really great. Put all your files in WAV on any IOS device that you have and enjoy the some awesome convienance of scrolling through your library without using a computer. You can buy some USB extension cables if you sit far away from your rig. :)
  3. bharat2580

    or use a bluetooth receiver with tussling and connect to the optical of the IRDAC now everything comes in digital ,I do that and pair it to my monitors and amps what ever read, you can get something for around 50 euro.
    the italian guy is good i got it from him. a month ago.
  4. bharat2580

    the irDAC II had 9016 which is inferior to the 9018 which actually competed with the 1796 which was in the irDAC 
  5. Shetzu
    I agree there the Burr Brown chip is warmer and the Dac is best suited for the Hd800. I made up my mind to grab the iRDac version 1 only. Expect for the missing DSD file etc I think all is good . I parted with my iPod 5th Gen long way back but continue to hold IOS devices like iphone 6+ (hope it is compatible). Guess what this Italian Ebay seller is giving me further discount and my total cost is working out to 350Euros  with free EMS shipping. I am going to firm it within a day. My next target will be the Burson Solist SL.[​IMG]
    Somehow I am not comfortable with Hd music transfer over the Bluetooth. I have few APTX low latency 4.0 bluetooth devices but sending music wirelessly always creates signal loss and interferences. So I guess I shall stick to the iRDac Gen 1.[​IMG]
  6. Shetzu
    That is why you all have the better Arcam irDac version 1. So enjoy the same. The new version in my opinion with Sabre chip will not fetch large buyers.
  7. ahsu7
    Can someone kindly explain what the digital output is used for? Can this be used as a usb to s/pdif converter / reclocker?
  8. Shetzu
    Has anyone compared the Arcam irDac to the Mojo. I want to know the difference for my own satisfaction. Thanks
  9. nephilim32

    It will work with the I phone 6! Np
    But let me warn you. You are putting together a very revealing headphone rig and a lot of mp3 files in 320kps will sound like garbage. It will reveal the lousy and strong compression rate and lack of realism in your music. WAV or FLAC or ALAC only. Trust me! You and I are gonna be headphone synergy brothers. Lol.

    Lastly. I find it funny they made ya change your avatar name spelling. Can't say ****. Oops. Schiit. That's ok. Lol.
  10. Shetzu
    To tell you the truth my whole Music library is lossless only Flac & higher. I donot have a single mp3. Dumped mp3 long time back haha. Yes I like the title you gave us. In fact I like it  Cheers :)
    Yeah lots of people told me my name was only visible with *. So I requested the Admin to change it as the word filter was not accepting the earlier spelling haha.
  11. bharat2580

    Iam using a bt 3.0 with aptx... Whatever. And it send digital there is no loss. Why you presume there would be losses and where exactly ? The transmission is digital and then via tosslink to the irdac.
  12. Shetzu
    The Bluetooth Aptx technology is still at a startup stage. Many in the sound industry are not giving much importance to the Aptx technology the way it should have been. I personally feel the loss because I hear strutters sometimes and missing of the wireless relay of sound /music. I would as of now like to stick to the wires unless something great happens.
    If you see Apple as already trying to promote wireless bluetooth headphones and IEMS however there are not much takers. So Companies like Aurdrez has launched worlds first lighting cable for IOS devices which as a inbuilt DAC in the wire itself. Cheers
  13. reihead
    I had an irDac and replaced it with the Mojo, I didn't have both at the same time since the irDac went back two days before the Mojo arrived, this wouldn't be a proper comparison but the Mojo sounds better and more musical, I found the Arcam to be a bit to aggressive (for my taste at least).
    Arcam little box is nice, remote is functional and all those inputs are handy a proper desktop DAC. Mojo is this little thing that seems odd on a dekstop but I would have to say I'm happy with my decision.
  14. Shetzu
    Thats great..  Thanks for your input.[​IMG]
  15. saidentary
    I like my Arcam irDAC.  Has anyone tried using it with an "upgraded" (linear?) power supply?  If so, what did you think?
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