Anyone heard the new Jays 5-armature universal IEMs?
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Feb 29, 2012
It seems Jays will have their new flagship universal IEMs equipped with 5 armature drivers at each side, the new high for universal IEMs.


Pictures were taken from a chinese headphone website.
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Guess they're not from Jays. I also doubt that they actually have 5 BAs per ear, but hey you never know. I'm starting to wonder if we will ever see the Jays flagship..
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According to this source (I believe run by ClieOS), these are not actually a JAYS product.

As I quote what Mr. Peter Cedmer (JAYS product manager, his handle is 'PetCed' in HF) replied me on my inquiry about this IEM - "Nope that's not coming from jays."

I also posted on that thread when I first saw it. Apparently the Taobao seller told one of the buyer that it is a kind of gift product JAYS developed to give it free to musician and such. Story salesman will give to make for a sale :rolleyes:
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Thanks a lot for the story. The huge, smooth pebble shaped barrel is very sexy, I hope they can come to production for a reasonable price some time.
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Well the review on said these were amazing and rocked in the details department
So I hope which ever company they're coming out of will release them soon!
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I am pretty sure the more drivers the better sound!

The best customs have 6 drivers per side.

Now, that's a totally a wrong conception. Custom IEMs with 3 drivers like the UERM and Fitear 333 have only 3 drivers, are known to be on par (better sometimes) than the 6-8 driver customs. Also, universal IEMs like the PFE232 with 2 drivers are known to be on par with triple on quad based balanced armature IEMs. The FI-BA-SS has only 1 balanced armature, but it's one of the best universals I have heard to date. So, just to say that more driver does not = better sound. It's the tuning that counts, really. 
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i agree 3 drivers are plenty. 6-8 could be a overkill or a gimmick to make people believe ''bigger is better'' or ''more is better''.
i also agree tuning is key to a great sounding iem. not more drivers.
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Snooping around before somebody did compare the single armature FAD FI BA-SS to the JH16 but costing $1400 at Jaben in Australia I think I'd stick to the cheaper and proven quality of the 6/8 drivered JH13/JH16/Miracle.

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