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Any iem’s better than the ibasso it03 for the price?

  1. Kanev24
    Been looking for a good iem to use daily on my iPhoneX and be powered with the included single or a cheap portable dac. I mainly listen to rock, metal, hip-hop, chill relaxed music (blackbear), and solo guitarists. I’ve been doing some research and have become fond of the ibasso it03’s. Anyone have suggestions for me to consider before I make this purchase? Any advice is appreciated thanks! Cheers!
  2. serman005
    Campfire Orion is worth reading about. A bit more expensive than the IT03 but maybe worth it.
  3. Will Chiu
    So recently my friend gave me his it03. I found it very nice. A gentle v-shape makes it enjoyable. It is also very comfortable to wear.
    However, I think you should also take a look at the new fiio fh5. People say it has a very good bass. (I havent tried it personally, but that's what other say).
    I agree, you may also wanna try out the Orion. It sounds more neutral comparing to the gentle v-shape of the it03, but I think the Orion has a better expansion in both ends, although the quantity is not as much as the it03

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