Any cyclists out there that have any recommendations for headphones?
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I just don't understand the need for headphones 24/7. There's a greater world out there for you to enjoy. Headphones are great, but don't get obsessed with them to the point of endangering your life. 

Indeed. There are days when I don't care much for music and focus on other hobbies. But of course when you get a pair of IEMs or headphones that render music in such a way that is pleasing to your ears then it makes it that much easier and sweeter to sit down and just listen to music. That is what this is all about. 
Although music on the go is just as sweet. Had a pair of SE535s whilst cycling and they were just fantastic. Went over the ears and olive/comply tips so they stayed in. I am sure they made me go faster. Btw I was using a mountain bike on road. I just had to be extra careful about my surroundings. Did that for about a year. Now I drive.
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After many years, I just switched back to Koss 75's.  You do need to take them off when going down long hills otherwise the wind speed plays havoc with the speakers.  I just tuck them into the top of my helmet.  If you can get them, Blox are great.

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