Another recommendation for a newbie.
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Ok, so I tried the DT990s.  To me they sounded fantastic.  Like I previously mentioned, I have nothing to compare them too so I didn't buy them right off.  I listened to Spotify via an external amp.  I tested tracks from, Dire Straits, Norah Jones, YES, James Blake, System of a Down, Damien Rice, Frank Zappa.....So a good range of music. The only thing I kind of didn't like was how forward Norah Jones' vocals sounded.  MIght have been the recording though, or that the phones were new out of the box.  Either way, I really enjoyed them.  But again, I'm not really going to be listening to that much digital music through them, so I guess it's hard to say how different they would sound when listening to vinyl. I've been reading extensively on the Grado appreciation thread, but up to page 150 I haven't come across anyone who has mentioned the sound of the Grado's whilst listening to vinyl. I know the sound is going to vary drastically depending on the rest of the equipment, but still.....I think I'm going to go for the SR80e and if I don't like them, I can always sell them on for a small loss.
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I have a pair of Grado's as well as the AKG's, out of the two I prefer the AKG's with vinyl. But, as you say, it really does depend on what else is in the chain. 
Whatever you buy, I hope that you enjoy the music.
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I actually got some SR80e's for cheaper than the 60'S so ended up going for them. Still not fully burned in bur sound very good already with vinyl and digital. A bit bright. Which I was prepared for, buy not overly. I've also picked up a Project Head Box mkii which I'm not impressed with at all and a pair of Yamaha HPH-500 which I haven't listened to yet, anybody have experience with these?

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