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Announcing the Da Vinci Series IEMs

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  1. Audio Addict Contributor
    Would those fit smaller ear canals?
  2. Wannabenewton
    I think they'll fit most ears but i'm not sure, sry i haven't seen many ear canals
  3. Grimbles
    Quite wide nozzles - a shade wider than the Ca polaris.
  4. Wannabenewton
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  5. Layman1
  6. Svenrolic
    Will you be attending this year? I tried your IEMs at BSK (Bugs Sound Korea) this year, and they were the best I'd heard at the show (note 64 audio, UE, Jomo, etc. was also there). I'd like to try them again as they are still my favorite IEMs to date. I'll post my brief impressions if I remember to review my notes from BSK.

    Edit: The DaVinci X was the IEM I mention above. The IX was beautiful, but the X was near perfection to me.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
  7. tunes
    Why are there no reviews comparing this to other TOTL IEMs like EE Zeus?
  8. Svenrolic
    I didn't get to play with them enough to write up a full review. I would if I could, but a show floor isn't exactly the best setting to run through a full Playlist.
  9. Layman1
    Hi all, finally posted my long-overdue review of the Da Vinci IX:

    My apologies for the lengthy delay. Normally I have always been extremely punctual with my reviews, but I've been going through some pretty horrendous health and personal issues for an extended period now. Pretty much every time consuming task has been cancelled or put on hold for months as a result and I've only been able to review the IX rather than both IX and X as intended :frowning2:
    Glad to finally get it published, and apologies again that it's not as comprehensive as I would normally have liked!

    Thanks to Castor for the opportunity to participate in the review tour and the best of luck to him and the team!
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