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Announcing the Da Vinci Series IEMs

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  1. Clear Tune Monitors
    Well, they are made out of metal, only it's aluminum so they're not heavy
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  2. Clear Tune Monitors
    Thanks, there's been lots of effort put into it.
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  3. Niyologist
    Oh. Okay. Yeah. It looks pretty good now.
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  4. rindozer
    DaVinci IX
    The overall sound signature is fairly balanced and lively, a little warm and slight brightness with a light emphasis on upper mid / vocal but retains a very good degree of treble clarity and bass performance. Treble has good extension but roll off just a little earlier around and has a smoother, less sparkly FR curve. Not quite as analytical as DaVinci X , but the performance is still amazing. Mid is whereDaVinci IX strength lies, slightly upfront compared to the DaVinci X, especially on the upper mid -lower treble region. DaVinci IX a sweeter, juicier vocal and a brighter sound, but not sibilant or too sweet, and thus it is probably the better for vocal listening compared to other IEMs. Bass is big, and of quality– decent impact, tight and quick, goes low. Soundstage is great on the DaVinci IX. The sound signature of DaVinci IX brings out a wide soundstage, though not to wide as to subtract the intimacy of vocal.

    DaVinci X
    With the DaVinci X's added driver articulation throughout the frequency spectrum is improved. Generally all the great performance as the DaVinci IX, but with a more solid bass response.
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  5. Grimbles
    The IX and X have arrived with me for review. I'm going to be a very busy boy! Initial thoughts after about 30 mins with each through an xDSD and AK70 mk 1:

    Retail packaging is beautiful and a great set of accessories. Very premium in feel.

    IX - warm, well rounded. Detailed, articulate, good mids, vocals forward - a refinement of a sound signature I am familiar with.
    X - air, space, treble detail my god this thing sounds great, special, jaw drop moment.

    Sneaky peaky (the X's have the silver cross, IX's black... just noticed the IX also have "IX" in black, the Xs just a silver "X"... d'oh!):

    Last edited: Nov 30, 2018
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  6. Audio Addict Contributor
    The IX has their hybrid premium cable while I do not know what cable is on the X. It almost looks like a regular cable.
  7. Grimbles
    Thats right mate. They come with both a hybrid premium 2.5mm trrs and a regular 3.5mm. Well spotted :)
  8. Clear Tune Monitors
    Thanks for the kind words @Grimbles . Just so you know have created an official thread in the Portable Headphones, Earphones and In-Ear Monitors forum where you can share these thoughts and impressions. Here's the link: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/the-official-ctm-da-vinci-series-thread.894745/
  9. Wannabenewton
    Got my kit today. How in the world is no one else who got it freaking out, da vinci x wil force crinacle to create a new rank s++. The packaging was so beautiful i couldn't believe my eyes.
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  10. Wannabenewton
    Teaser pics IMG_20181211_170318063.jpg IMG_20181211_192831933.jpg IMG_20181211_170657700.jpg IMG_20181211_191359772.jpg Most gorgeous iem I've ever seen.
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  11. Grimbles
    Totally agree. The x is out of this world :)
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  12. Wannabenewton
    They both look so gorgeous but IX looks better because of black grooves. But i put it back inipackaging after switching between them twice. X if marketed properly wiil become the gold standard of iem's.
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  13. Grimbles
    I was talking about sound quality... I think I actually prefer the chrome in the inserts of the X over the black IX on the IXs.... horses for courses!
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  14. Clear Tune Monitors
    Thank you so much for the compliments guys!
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  15. Clear Tune Monitors
    Thank you for the kind words! Enjoy!
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