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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. kinetic758

    Sorry for the confusion. I actually have a Samsung S6 which seems to have problems with Spotify. If my old HTC M7 works without any special root then that's even better!
  2. shuto77

    Go into your Developer Settings, and put the phone into "high-performance" mode. This solved my buzzing and hissing issues with my HTC One M8.

    Just beware that developer mode will chew through your batter.
  3. shuto77
    I'm still looking for people's feedback: After the Mojo, what's the next-best sounding amp or dac/amp that will play nicely with my LG V10? Trying to power my (currently-being-upgraded) Alpha Primes.
  4. kostaszag

    I had the same problem. It was solved (at least for my Sony Xperia Z2) in Android 6.0 I believe. Go to Preferences/Applications, choose the app you don't won't to pop up and tap on Force Stop/Force close. From now on the app will only start if and when you tap it again.
  5. Middy
    Still happens even though I killed all my music apps too just Usb player pro.
    Every plug into OTG opens up another session. Better than all players pop ups I suppose...
  6. shuto77


    I use USB App Pro, and it has a setting to automatically engage when a USB dac is connected. I imagine the other full-featured apps you're using do the same thing.

    If you haven't already, check your settings to ensure that these apps aren't trying to automatically engage when a dac is connected.

    Sometimes, these smart devices and apps are a little too smart for their own good.

    Hope this helps!
  7. Middy
    Good information always helps...

    Thanks my friend

  8. zeroibis
    Can anyone post up some recommendations for sub $200 dac/amps?
    I want to hook it up to a Moto X Pure using Neutron as my player. Currently I have an iMod + little dot MK1 so anything that has a similar sound would be preferred.
    Or would spending the extra $100+ for a OPPO HA-2 be my best option?
  9. good sound

    I am currently using an Audioquest Dragonfly Red. It's very good, but I am considering trying out an Oppo HA-2 as the Red only decodes files up to 24/96 and I have several files that are 24/192 and DSD. Another possible option in the same price range as the HA-2 is the LH Labs Geekout V2.
  10. zeroibis
    Yea I was looking at the Audioquest Dragonfly Red as well especially because it is right at my target price. However, I was a bit turned off by lack of volume adjustment on the device and using the device battery. Given I am coming from an IMOD -> Little Dot MKI[LT1364] I am worried if it will fall short on the amp side. I ideally do not want to need to use my LIttle Dot in combination with whatever I end up with.
    What does worry me about the HA-2 is that I have read it does not with on USB 3.0. My next laptop will only have USB 3.0 ports on it and so I worry that the HA-2 would be limited to only my phone.
  11. StanD
    USB 3.0 ports are supposed to be backwards compatible. I've used a number of USB 2.0 DACs on newer PCs/Laptops with USB 3.0 ports without any issues. Of course there are no guarantees as sometimes a PC manufacturer screws up.
  12. willywill
    Seach XDuoo XD-05 it might fit the bill for a DAC/AMP, you will need to buy a short OTG micro usb cable 
  13. shuto77
  14. willywill
    The XDuoo XD-05 has a full size usb, only a OTG to micro usb cable will work, it come with one in the box but the cable is to big for portable use
  15. shuto77

    Oh, thanks for the information.

    I connected my phone to a Fiio X3ii with that cable. It sounded good, but sucked the phone's battery dry.

    Different application here.

    My bad.
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