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  1. fuego
    Anyone using Zenfon 5 or 2? There's a bug on facebook that it stops working when playing videos.
  2. Shure or bust
    My ZenFone 2 doesn't have an issue. Just delete Facebook lol
  3. fuego
    lol, i already reinstalled and still same issue. I saw on some discussions online that it was a problem from the last update of zenfon, like its a bug. Anyway, good thing you're not affected by the issue
  4. duo8
    Anyone here with a 2014 moto x?
    Probably the last good moto x.
  5. lovelysound
    I am using meizu pro5 and it is a great mobile with hifi sound
  6. BWAS1000
    How many of use here using the cheap Tracfones as DAPs?

    I have an LG Sunrise here that ran me $10. Its very useful thus far.

    You can grab the LG Lucky, which is the same thing for CDMA networks for the exact same $15

    Or you could spend $20 on a Moto E 1st Gen,which imo is the better idea.
  7. Spyro-N7
    What are top 5 best smartphones for audiophiles? I want to use headphones on smartphone and I got my eyes on Honor 8. Does it really make any difference what smartphone I'd use?
  8. Canezila
    I have a nexus 6 and, yes, it matters which android phone you get. I can not get my external USB dac to work. Additionally, my high res flacs get converted to 16 bit. It's quite frustrating. It's why some day I will get a ZTE axon 7. I want a phone and dap without limitations.
  9. Spyro-N7
    Right now I'm reading about HTC 10 claimed also as a smartphone for audiophiles, certified Hi-Res, 24 bit DAC. So far it sounds good. 
  10. Canezila
    I really think the HTC 10 would be a good option. I have not heard it live but they seem to be quality.
  11. gopanthersgo1
    Huh, I've had the exact opposite experience. I've never had any issues getting DACs to work with my Nexus 6. About the 16bit, why don't you try Neutron Player? Anyways, I doubt a difference will be heard on a mobile setup, I just convert my stuff to 320bit OPUS, and that's more transparent than what my IEMs can resolve anyways. For desktop though I understand, but I think neutron player + USB OTG to a DAC would suffice. There's also rockbox for android, but I don't know its limitations.

    P.S. I just found an article online saying that as of Android 5.0, Android supports audio output up to 24/96.
  12. Mikualotic
    I use a xepria z5 it is has Hi-Res Audio sticker on it. I use them to directly to power my Oppo Pm3s and they do a good job of that. 
  13. waylandsmithy
    I can confirm that it works, at least with a Sony Z3. It even works with Spotify, which surprised me a bit. I'd read that it wasn't possible with Spotify.
  14. wskl
    Does anyone have experience with Xiaomi phones?  I was thinking of getting the Redmi 3s Prime mainly because of the large 4000mah battery, but then during my research I found out that MIUI now has a backdoor exploit.  Is it really something to be worried about or 'much ado about nothing'?
    I remember a couple of years ago, Xiaomi pulled a similar stunt, they were sending texts and photos back to China without the user knowing about and denied that it was happening until a computer security firm stepped in with proof, so I really do not know if Xiaomi can be trusted.

  15. duo8

    Does security and privacy matter to you? Do you store important data on your phone and/or use it for important tasks?
    If yes then avoid.
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