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  1. VXAce
    Sadly I haven't had any experience with the Nexus 6, but the Nexus 5 is possibly my favorite phone out there. It is built extremely well and has a really good profile. It feels like it should be in my hand. The screen size and dimensions were just right too. Even with my OnePlus One I might not mind swapping for the Nexus 5, even with the outdated specs, if that gets updated holy cow I would get one.
    My actual experience with a nexus device is the Nexus 10, a monstrosity of a tablet that was really nice to have but ungodly to carry. It was very nice though... being able to use it as basically a laptop was really nice, in games I could use it to get information on items or whatever, and I could read books or browse the web without feeling cramped. The stock android that came with and the upgrade to Lollipop were good and rather fun. Really liked stock android.
    My gripe with the OnePlus One is the camera, for some reason either the software or hardware in my phone or ROM just doesn't cut it properly and photos come out sub-par. I still have yet to find the reason for this.
    I should say that I don't find the OPO to be the best phone out there, it's damn good phone, but not the best. I think the Nexus 5 beats out the OnePlus One, and if I could get something like the iPhone 5C with android and none of Apple's idioicy, it would also be better. OPO just has slightly too large a screen and is slightly too thin for me... or I'm just too particular with the way a phone feels in my hand. [​IMG]
  2. Shure or bust
    Nexus 5 isn't even on the radar for phones. As for the camera issue. User error.
  3. VXAce
    It's not user error when a photo comes out extremely grainy under the summer sun in California... and then works perfectly later on. I'm not so new to using a phone/camera that I can't take a picture. I'm still doing my experimentation, I'll eventually get it worked out. And of course the Nexus 5 isn't on the radar for new phones... it came out nearly two years ago.
    Also, OnePlus Two hype. I might get the chance to hit up the pop up store in SF, hehe.
  4. gopanthersgo1
    Not sure if the OS they use supports Google's new camera API, but try Manual Camera, it's pretty nice and would allow you to set a fixed shutter time/gain or w/e it's called. :)
  5. Infoseeker
    The OnePlus One has a better battery life is the only thing I can say. Other than that, they are both amazing.

  6. Shure or bust
    Try using the OPPO camera mod. Takes better pictures and has a ton of features.
  7. VXAce
    This seems to have indirectly fixed whatever was happening. I did a search for Manual Camera, found it and the "compatibility" app,  found out my ROM supported nothing it used. But looking around the Manual Camera stuff I found Open Camera, figured I'd try it, and it seems to work very well. There is nearly zero lag in the display and everything else seems to work fine.
    I'm using the Euphoria ROM. CM12 based.
    Camera Next Mod is one of the few that works, but the lag is so intense on the display that it is basically unusable to me. I believe that's the same as OPPO Camera Mod, just modified more.
  8. Koschei

    That's the exact reason I bought my Z3C. I hate that one handed shuffle you have to do when you are trying to get your thumb some place new on a phablet. Using it two handed is even worse. I'd say the Nexus 5 had the most ergonomic feel, followed by the 2013 Moto X, followed by the HTC One. I picked the Xperia mostly because of the waterproofing over the other devices. It's just so damn cool to not have to worry about taking it in the rain or cleaning it off in a sink.

    Of course not; it's too old. This year is it's 2nd birthday. It still has a freaking awesome profile in-hand, and in late 2013/early 2014 it was in a price/performance sweet spot that few other phones could beat. The Nexus 5 was a better phone when it came out than the Nexus 6 was when it did, especially considering the price difference.

    Also, the big reason basically all non-Samsung/Apple devices don't take very good pictures is typically the result of the really bad post processing that the phone software typically does, especially in instances where it has to try to brighten the image. 3rd party apps can't access the data coming from the sensor before it gets ****ed with, unless the device in question has Camera2.apk support. This is far from standard.

    HTC, 1+1, and Sony are probably the worst of the bunch about their cameras, possibly matched by Motorola. Hell, Sony even makes the sensors for Samsung AND Apple devices, yet can't seem to make a phone that can take pictures that are half as good.
  9. gopanthersgo1
    Yeah Motorola is not the best but my GF loves her Moto X (2014) otherwise, it is a nice phone as well. And the one concern I had with the nexus 6 was the size but now there's no way I could use anything smaller. Also, guys, check out Fleksy, it's a super badass keyboard! (the only one I have found better than stock Google.) Once you get used to the swiping at least. The chameleon keyboard theme is awesome too, worth the 3 bucks imho. I have the size to the medium setting and use it without the spacebar and it's so much nicer to use.
  10. VXAce
    I actually considered getting a Sony phone before, their prices are just so high, and back then they had that silly proprietey stuff.
    The phone I wanted... they used to be 600 USD... haha...
    On an unrelated note, I wish someone would pick up HTC's old track and build metal phones again, the aluminum bodies used to be so good, but now they are junk. An AlMg body that has the proper surface area for heat dissipation would be really nice. It's not really a complaint, but the OnePlus One gets rather toasty when playing video on the software decoder or doing intensive tasks and it gets luke warm when you just use it in general, better thermal conductivity would be nice. I hope the OP2 addressed that and has a proper thermal interface...
  11. Koschei

    I waited until February of last year and bought my Z3C used for under $400. While that wasn't quite as cheap as something like a Moto G/E or OPO, it was worth it.

    As far as Aluminum unibody construction goes, I couldn't agree more. If the M9 were just a tad smaller, packed at least a decent camera, and had ip67, it'd be the perfect phone.
  12. Infoseeker

    The front facing speakers in the m9 kind of force the phone to be big.
  13. mechgamer123
    Oh hey, look what thread hasn't had much activity lately!
    I totally forgot to post that I've had a Nexus 6P for a few months now. A couple observations about it:
    - The camera is pretty nice! Better than anything I've had but definitely not replacing my DSLR anymore.
    - Being an early adopter to USB-C kind of sucks. Accessories are sparse and I have never really struggled to plug my phone in the right way.
    - The AMOLED panel is really nice, I like the oversaturated colors but as with some other panels there's definitely a lot of "ghosting" where if I'm trying to read white text on a black background at 0% at night, I can't read it because it's so blurry while scrolling.
    - Battery life has been pretty consistently terrible for me. Not sure if I got a bad unit or if Google's services are just eating all the battery in the background and not showing it or what. Phone will get hot in my pocket sometimes for no reason.
    - Ambient display is a gimmick. It seems to work 50% of the time when I want it to and 50% when I don't want it to... Apparently my pants were just conductive enough to unlock the phone when ambient display was triggered in my pocket. I thought that was originally the culprit but I turned ambient display off and it still has the same problem with battery drain and sometimes it'll be unlocked in my pocket.
    - After babying it without any case, I have a series of scratches in almost perfect unison on the bottom part of the phone. Not sure how they got there but this clearly isn't indestructible grade aluminum.
    - Lately, the phone has been getting slow and laggy for no reason, no new apps downloaded or anything. 
    So, despite all these complaints, I still don't regret getting this phone. Honestly when I look at every other flagship out there it seems to have even worse problems and a lack of software updates and fixes. The reliable software updates have always been my favorite part of the Nexus program.
  14. Koschei
    Hello Android party people,

    If any of you fine folks happen to be rooted, there's an old EQ/sound mod app called Viper that recently got a makeover, and is now very easy to install by just flashing inside your custom recovery. Not only that, but it now comes with some nifty libraries from other devices, as well as Dolby Atmos.

    Link is here:

    Disclaimer: I don't recommend rooting for the basic user.
  15. Hutnicks

    The new viper gets rid of a lot of problems that the S3 and S4 had with it. If you are rooted it's an easy install as well. This is well worth checking out.
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