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  1. mechgamer123
    You know what they say... [​IMG]
    (Big gloves)
  2. Dobrescu George
    well a 7" phone would be smaller than 7" to hold in one hand, but it still is hard to control the screen with one hand.
    for me, every time i tried, i touched the screen in an un-wanted point, because of hand. 
  3. TheGoldenEars
    Personally I can't hold with one hand anything above 5.5 inches!
  4. linglingjr
    I wouldn't want to reach top to bottom with a screen bigger than 6 inches.  Even at that size it's sort of uncomfortable.  That still doesn't stop me from wanting the huawei mediapad x2 to use as a "phone"  it's basically a bezel-less tablet.
  5. Netrum
    I am in love with my Sony Z3 Compact.
    It is by far the best android phone I have used.
    And i just recently got upgraded to Android 5 <3
  6. edgeno

    Kinda know what you mean. My Z2 is less annoying now that it works on a semi-regular basis.
  7. Dobrescu George
    i see a lot of DAPs coming to being Android instead of proprietary firmwares...
  8. razor5cl
    I see this as an unparalleled plus point.

    Rather than having to deal with buggy, broken, nonstandard chinese firmware we can get something that is more polished, customizable and more standard.
  9. SubSTI
    Lenovo Yoga 2 8" / Android 4.4.2 -> UAPP 2.0 -> iFi Nano iDSD -> Fidelio X1 / M1
    Unfortunately Spotify and Synology DS Audio aren't able to use the Nano, waiting for Lollipop  
  10. Koschei
    Check me off as another Z3C user. I went International Galaxy S3> Xperia Z1S > Xperia Z3 Compact. The Galaxy S3 had a really cool kernel that let me use a derivative of Voodoo Sound called Googy Max, but I shattered its screen so it had to go. The Z1S could transmit music coming from it via a mod called Spirit Xmit, but it also had to go. Now I'm happy with just Viper4Android on a rooted stock setup, as nowadays you can get pretty much any feature that a rom would have via Xposed additions.
  11. Shure or bust
    Till you've owned a One Plus one. You haven't owned a real phone. Even after a year of its release, it still out runs the LG G4 and Samsung s6 Edge. My next phone after OPO will be a Linux phone like the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu edition or something like the Vivo X5 Max or the Marshall London. I wouldn't be surprised if the OPO can last me 5 years.
  12. Infoseeker
    I love my OPO, exactly as you said. It has a lot of life with being able to update it. T the Oneplus Two does not seem like a huge upgrade for me compared to just updating my Operating System on the One-model

    I wish Saygus would cancel their current delayed phone and release one with a stronger processor.
  13. Koschei

    What sets the OPO apart from other phones?
  14. VXAce
    Price and transparency. It's a very cheap phone that is supported properly, it's not locked by any carrier or idiots that are trying to just milk money. Customization is through the roof software wise, hardware is pretty good, with some compromises. *curses about not having a microSD slot and removable battery*
  15. gopanthersgo1
    How do you feel about the Nexus phones? I love my Nexus 6, and while it's more $$$ than the OPO, I love the bigger qHD screen! :D
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