1. mechgamer123
    To be honest I would be wary of any Chinese companies unless you could flash a custom firmware that completely wipes the original firmware. :|
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  2. wskl
    Thanks, I had not thought of custom firmware (I am very much an Android novice), I will look into that.
  3. Shayko
    I got the chance to try the V20 at CES. I'm now a proud owner of a V10 lol. The amp/dac works great with easy to drive cans and earbuds (VE Line).
  4. neddoge
    Been using Android since the Droid 1!  I have a Samsung GS4 with Viper running a subset of my FLACs with Poweramp, but my Note 7 on the Alpha Poweramp (more audio output tweaks available for that DAC) is my daily DAP with the Pixel XL as my daily phone. 
    I kept the N7 during the fiasco, and it pairs up nicely with my Q1 when I need it for some hungrier cans!

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