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Amp recommendations for Fostex TH900?

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  1. Canadian411
    Beautiful amp ! one of my dream amp :)
  2. Justin K Day
    Has anyone paired the th900s with the BMC PureDAC MK2 DAC & Headphone Amplifier?
    If so, what are your impressions?
  3. intlsubband
    Did anyone try pairing either 600/900 with Meier Audio Corda Classic or Concerto? Thank you!
  4. Tuberoller1
    I see that you had both a TH-900 and Lyr 2 at some point, have you ever tried that pair?  I suspect it would be dangerously powerful for the TH-900
  5. Tuberoller1
    I currently have a Schiit Lyr 2 as well as the headphone amp in my Modwright LS-100 Preamp.  I'm thinking of trying a pair of TH900s, has anyone ever tried them with either of these amps?
  6. tomatoshoe
    My friend had a Lyr 2. He didn't really like the pairing and neither did I. I thought it was a little too bright.
  7. bmichels
    Eddie Current 445 + TH900 = perfect synergy.
  8. enthusiast
    I find the TH900 to provide much more bass then I'd like when ampliefied by my Asus Xonar STX, same goes for the TH600. Tbh with my Asus Xonar STX its unbearable bass at medium to higher volumes, even with Classical Music.
    Now I amped it with the excellent Violectric V200 by lake people and the bass is much more toned down, as it should be, it is controlled, still potent, still lush and you can hear layers of it, nuances, no matter what music. This is the way how the TH900 is intended to sound like. I think I can only better the sound now with a better DAC. I amcurious about Tubes, but as the sound is now, I think I am happy.
    What I still dislike is my ears touching the driver and the cabling (y-splitter position) feels a bit clumsy. Soundwise I think this is High End as I can now hear the timbre of voices, the vibration of Trombones and of course very nice 3D positioning. Highs are nicely rolled off now, overall very pleasant listening experience.
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  9. teddy57
    I've paired my new TH900 with a Vega as my DAC and the 430HA as my Amp and it sounds pretty good except I have not tried any other pairing but loving these headphones so far
  10. mjcp
    I have the TH900s paired with a Woo Audio WA5LE and they sound great.  I also have a pair of LCD3s and the TH900s sound better with the WA5LE.
    That said, I am considering moving to solid state, either the Schiit Ragnarok or Mjolnir 2.  Has anyone heard the TH900s with either or both of these Amps?
  11. Whazzzup
    ss go for TT, fantastic
  12. mjcp
    I have read positive reviews on the Chord Hugo TT.  Do you know how it compares to the Schiit Amp and DAC combos below:
    Gungnir MB with Mjolnir 2
    Yggdrasil with Ragnorak
  13. Whazzzup
    Sorry no, I just have been lucky buying without testing. Hpa8 and th900 first. Nice pairing as well. Fostex addresses the recessed Mids of the 900 and throws down some nice bass extension as well. Hugo is my portable and I couldn't decide which I liked better with 900. The Hugo has a black noiseless background, tighter kicking bass but maybe not quite the scale or mid amplitude to take over the desk from my hpa8. Don't get me wrong both were good. Then I got TT and boom there it is. King of the desktop. I'm still keeping the hpa8 tho.
    Also I don't amp, direct se connection.
  14. HemiSam
    I purchased a Headamp GS-1 with the Dynalo+ boards upgrade.  I own the Woo WA7 which I have very much enjoyed paired with my TH900's, but have been curious about a solid state option.  I'd been looking at a Japanese made Bakoon for a while, and then got to reading about the Dynalos.  
    I can say I have zero regrets.  This amp is crazy transparent and actually helped me identify an issue I had with a power conditioner.  At first I thought it was the amp, but then I plugged it directly into one of my sockets at home and zero issue.  Gobs of power, even in the low setting.  Very impressive and a great pairing with the TH900s.  Takes the lows to a new level and I'd argue fleshes out the mids more.
    The Woo, even with the upgraded tubes, is a bit rolled off and polite compared to the GS-1.  I still very much enjoy it.  Just depends one's preference.
  15. 2tone
    Talking about solid state, I've recently gotten my TH900 paired (or perhaps I should say in a foursome!) with an iFi Dac2, iTube buffer and iCan SE amp. 
    I've auditioned the TH900 previously with a number of other DAC/amp combos (including the HPA8 and Schiit Biforst/Lyr) and while I never had the opportunity to do any A/B testing, my overall impression is that this iFi combo is as good as anything I've heard for under $1500. Very clean, neutral, great stereo imaging.
    What I like about this set-up is that it has a few nifty tricks that can  compensate for some of the TH900's weak points. For example, while as a rule of thumb I tend to avoid any audio processing jiggery pokery, I found the 3D holographic sound on the iCan SE worked really well on some tracks, giving the TH900 a bit more of the space/soundstage that some might find a bit lacking in these closed-back cans (without overdoing the sound effect and making the track sound cavernous). Adding the iTube tube buffer between the DAC and amp was also a bit of revelation in terms of tempering some of the brightness that can make the TH900 a bit fatiguing.   
    So what's not to like about this combo? Not much really. Given the whole rig can be put together for not much more than $1000, I think it punches above its weight. For those that can't afford to drop 5 Gs on a dream rig like an Eddie Current 445 and Chord Hugo, I'd say this iFi trio is well worth looking into.  
    The catch is that this isn't actually my rig (yet). I borrowed it for a couple of weeks from a generous friend, and while I'm pretty impressed with the Dac2/iTube/iCan SE combo, I wonder if I should look at some other set-ups before making a final decision. I've yet to test any Woo Audio gear, which I know some speak highly of. The new iFi iCan Pro (has it actually been released yet?) sounds pretty intriguing too.  Would be interested to hear from anyone that's tried it out with the TH900.
    As for myself, I'll report back if I go with another set-up!
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