Amp recommendations for Fostex TH900?

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  1. HemiSam
    I don't know that this would suit you, and hopefully I'm not hurting any feelings by posting this here, but there's a combination I would consider that has really impressed me personally.  I'm not going to recommend a DAC with it as I figure you can work that out on your own (I use an Ygg which is as good as I have come by personally).  
    I rediscovered my Senn HD650's after I purchased a Head-amp GS-1 with the Dynalo+ upgraded boards.  They don't come up for sale often, but if you can buy the amp well, and get your hands on a pair of HD650's (or 600's if you prefer that signature), I'd recommend the pairing.  I have a Woo WA7 that's no slouch, but the GS-1 Dynalo transformed the 650's and I'm assuming it's through both transparency and sheer power.  I haven't been able to put them down aside from switching to my e-stat rig as I love it as well.  With guitar music (blues, jazz, R&B, classic rock) it's one heck of a pairing.  If you really need the earth shattering sub-bass, it's hard to beat the TH900's so I don't want you thinking that if it's what you are really after.
    Best of luck in your search.
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  2. AnakChan Moderator
    I've got a 1-2 week loaner on the Fostex HP-V8 at the moment. My normal amp is the Zana Deux that's been custom tuned to my liking. The HP-V8 is a huge beast about 20% bigger than my ZD in with and height.
    So more to come in a week's time when I've given it a proper listen.
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  3. HemiSam
    Holy moly that is huge!

  4. 2tone
    I auditioned the HP-V8 briefly at a trade show and was very impressed. Really loved the warmth of the 300Bs. But, as you've already pointed out, it's a beast...almost as big as a microwave oven!
  5. 2tone
    Thanks for the recommendation. The HD650 / GS-1 certainly sounds interesting. I have, however, already bought the TH900 (for practical reasons, I wanted to get closed-back cans) so am committed to finding an amp that does it justice. The GS-1 is not amp I previously considered but I'll definitely look out for one to audition now. [​IMG]
  6. AnakChan Moderator
    I gave it about a 1 hr listen after a 30 hr warm up and was flipping back 'n forth between it and my modified/customised Zana Deux. I'm trying not to say too much since I've not given it a full week's worth of listen but I find the HP-V8 to just create big sound so effortlessly. It's like 2 years back when I had a listen to the Avante Garde Acoustic Trio Classico, those speakers made a big presentation but so effortlessly and naturally. That's how I felt about how the HP-V8 made the TH-900 sound like. I'm even curious if the HP-V8 is capable of more than just what the TH-900 could do (e.g. like the HD800S) - but that's another topic.
    So far at least in the the 1 hr listening I've had, I just want to listen to it more to get a better understanding of this amp.
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  7. KBerube80
    I have been running my TH900s with a Burson Soloist/Resonessence Concero combo for the past couple years and it sounds great. However, I am now looking for an all-in-one solution with a much smaller footprint. No power cord would be even better. Would a really good portable work out? Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!
  8. mjcp
    I replaced a much larger set-up with a Chord Hugo and have never looked back.  With the Hugo, I am hearing subtle details in my music collection that I have never heard before.
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  9. erichusucks
    RSA the predator is a good choice if u r planning to buy a portable amp instead of those huge guys.
  10. DamageInc77
    Anyone tried the Vioelectric HPA V90 with the TH-900?
  11. squee116
    I don't know about the v90, but I've heard good things about the V200, so I ordered one today directly from lake people (they have a spring sale going on... 15% off)
    I'm hoping it's going to play well with my planars as well as my TH900s. I'll let you know.
    Also to point out, the if the v90 is like the v100, you might be better off buying the G103 or G109 series from Lake People (violectric). They are a bit cheaper, with good chunk of the performance.
  12. DamageInc77
    The V200 is a little pricey to my liking. I currently have a Schiit Lyr with some pretty nice Philips and Siemens tubes, but on both my 25 ohm Denon headphones, I hear a hum even with volume at 0%. I've been using it solely for my LCD-2 so far. My TH-900 should arrive tomorrow, and I don't know if I want to endure that hum, so I'm looking into other amping options, preferably those that pair better with low impedance, high sensitivity headphones.
  13. squee116
    I understand totally. I had a similar issue with a tube amp (with the Fostex Th900) and the background hum was REALLY bad. In fact, that's what I'm replacing with the v200. I get that the price is pretty gnarly, which is why I name dropped Lake People. It's the company that own Violectric (the maker of the v200) and the Lake People branded amps that I listed are half the price, the g109 in particular. If you really want to try it out, the Gustard H10 (on massdrop for under 300) is basically a Chinese clone of the v200, with changes here and there.
  14. DamageInc77
    Another option was the Burson Soloist SL, but people have stated that it doesn't match well with the TH-900. I don't want anything with a built in DAC as I have a Modi Multibit that I like very much. Violectric gets a lot of praise, and I don't want a Schiit Asgard so it seems the HPA V90 fits the bill nicely, but reviews are scarce.
  15. montanari
    Soloist match well imo
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