AMP for DT880 600 ohm
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Apr 21, 2011
Hello everyone! How are you guys doing?
I'm a total noob at the whole headphone business, so I come here to ask for your help! I recently purchased(yesterday) a DT880 250 ohm and now I want the 600 ohm, cant' return it as I threw away the box because it wouldn't fit in my backpack(I have a motorcycle), long story short I'm going to get the 600ohm. I have a Xonar Essence STX sound card right now, but from what I have read around head-fi is that I should get an dedicated amp.
So here I am! My budget is - 250 I can prob push it but I don't really want to spend a lot, yes I know I pretty much opened a can of worms buying the DT880 I can't fathom how much I will be spending on future audio equipment.
I have a few requirements for my amp of taste:
I really don't like the look of the bulbs sticking out, I would also like something that won't take up a lot of desk space.
Now I've been looking at a few but really dont know if they will be good enough for the DT880 600ohm
- Mav Audio Tube Magic A1
- Fiio e9
any other recommendations? I have a feeling that I will be upgrading to another DAC as well...will an e9 + e7 be good enough for the DT880 600?
also as stated earlier, I'll be getting rid of the 250 ohm so if anyone is interested
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you should just keep the 250s as you probably won't notice much difference to the 600s given your limited setup.
you just got them and u haven't even had the time to get to know them yet.
If you must, get a Matrix M-stage, that fits your budget.

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