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AKG's new K872?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nzvlam, Mar 29, 2016.
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  1. Traveller
    *** OFF TOPIC ***

    Just saw Atomic Blonde tonight and Charlize was wearing K140s...
    ...but if even @EvilKillaruna hasn't had the honor... :p
    Not sure if the director / wardrobe got it right, though, considering the film was centered around Berlin just before the Wall came down (1989) and the K140s are considerably older, AFAIK...
    Or perhaps we should surmise that East Berlin was a few generations of (any) gear behind the West... ? :thinking:

    Still... cool to see them "casted" in the movie :D

    Image c/o "fromthemovie"

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  2. FritzS
    AKG (Philips) K50-1.jpg AKG (Philips) K50-2.jpg AKG (Philips) K50-3.jpg
    *** OFF TOPIC ***
    I own a AKG K50 (branded as Philips K50)
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2017
  3. DonS1000
    Is the AKG K872 among the best (as subjective as that may be) ? Does it compare with Electrostatics ?
  4. DonS1000
    She looks like a bleached blonde.
  5. jagwap
    I bought these for the office, although I don't wear them for the commute yet. It's too hot here and I need to make a shorter cable for them.

    They are up there with the best. They are better that the Shures (from distant memory).

    I don't know the P9s, but they are significantly better than the P7s. But then I don't like B&W headphones.

    They may equal some electrostats, but not the best. However, where can you find a closed electrostat?

    They (almost) sound like an open headphone. They are not perfect, but if the small idiosyncrasies do not bother you they are immensely satisfying.
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  6. MozartMan1201
    Wonder how the K872 stacks up against the closed-back SONY MDR-Z1R ($1499, 70mm driver!)

  7. tdebug
    Both good but quite very different. Sony is very warm and little bassy sound. You might like Z1R for casual listening (many people do, following feedback here and there). Sony clearly created those having "premium" in mind, but not so much practicality. Build quality is great, but huge and heavy leather box (which screams "expensive") is a bit too much if you ask me - I wish they include long balanced cable instead, especially for the price. No carrying bag included also. Yes Z1R can be attached to a balanced source which is a plus, but they come with a long unbalanced cable and very VERY short balanced cable, which was truly annoying to use. Surprisingly, here in the EU I could not buy a proper balanced Sony cable anywhere, first wanted to order from the US but instead returned the Z1R during return window, to fund another headphones purchase.
    So overall good headphones, but if you need critical listening and monitoring Z1R is probably not your choice.
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  8. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I think the Z1R are just fine for critical listening...they have outstanding clarity, detail retrieval and sound staging. Monitoring? I'd go in another direction. :)
  9. knaai
    Is there someone who could really give a good comparison between the AKG and Sony?
  10. jagwap
    I think you have limited success in find a good comparison. While they are both good high end headphones, they are different in their style of presentation and will unlikely appeal to the same people. The AKG is close to the neutral tight bass response, although more emphasised than AKG have traditionally done, while the Sony are in the Harman curve/boost the bass (and a bit more) camp. I knew after 30 seconds the Sony's were not for me for this reason.
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  11. buke9
    Totally agree as these are very different. I had the same experience as it didn’t take long before I didn’t like the Sony’s that much. One caveat as I only heard them from the new Sony dap and would liked to have tried them on a different amp and setup. I really didn’t like the highs on them as I want to say grainy it wasn’t but it wasn’t too realistic to me just a bit off. Like I said I would like to have heard them on something else as a usually don’t like same company amps as I think they emphasize too much on the sound signature they want just my opinion.
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  12. tdebug
    What exactly you want to hear as a good comparison? Have you listened any either of those two?
    I am not professional reviewer by any means. But I had a Z1R for a month and now 872, but for only a few days.
    872 is a reference headset and sounds exactly like that. They give you quite precise, very down to the ground sound. I believe this are kind of headphones you need for professional use. This is my preliminary feedback, so to say.
    872 also come with practical carrying case instead of Sony's luxury-useless huge leather box.

    On top of what I already said earlier about Z1R I can add that I kinda see why there are many hate or love opinions about those - some professional reviewers hate them, but lots of feedback on amazon is very positive. Not sure if you can use Z1R professionally - those are not reference headphones and mostly for causal listening and audiophiles who want to have luxury item and don't care about the price. So in general both headphones are very good, but also very different. I would have kept both if I didn't care about the price.
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  13. zolkis
    Very nice you have both these headphones. I've listened to the Z1R several times, and would describe it as having a little bit muddy midbass and a little bit hard midrange, but otherwise good sound stage and good sound. About the K872, it would be nice to know how is it in comparison (any of the following):
    - bass extension (how deep and how defined it goes, see e.g. here, for instance the TH900 goes 2-3 discernible notes deeper than most others)
    - bass impact and definition (e.g. kettle drums, drums, organ, pipes),
    - is the bass hitting in the deeper end or towards midbass
    - is there midrange hardness, honkiness, glare, sibilance (e.g. grand piano, electric piano, saxophone, voices)
    - is there upper mids/ lower treble sibilance ('sss' sounds, especially with closed miked female voices)
    - is there treble peak or glare or hash
    - is there a difference (and what) how pink noise and white noise sound on both headphones in comparison
    - which has a deeper, more relaxed tone, with more flesh (as opposed, which has a more upbeat, harder or thinner sound and where).
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
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  14. knaai
    I do own the AKG for three months now and I was just curious if the Sony could level the AKG.
    The first two weeks I was pretty disappointed with the 872, but I needed some time and I had to adjust the headphones the right way, a little high on the head. Now it sounds like a dream and I do choose it more and more over my favourite HP, the Hifiman Edition X, even when a closed back is not really needed.
    I do understand the Sony as a lot more pronounced bass then the 872 and has a more ‘popular’ sound. Thanks for the information!
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  15. Mark Up
    I've heard both. The Sony is warmer, and outside of a little peak (not really a problem area at all) the highs are warmer and the high mids more laid back. The AKG is more about midrange. It has more treble, it's not harsh at all. It does have flat mids to lower mids that are nice, mid bass is flat, and sub bass rolls off a little too soon.
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