AKG's new K872?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nzvlam, Mar 29, 2016.
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  1. nzvlam
    Just stumbled across AKG's website, and there is a new product K872.  No picture no details yet.
    Anyone has any idea?
  2. Drunkbag
    Looks like a closed-back K812
  3. nzvlam

    Picture from AKG
    Wow that's a bold move!  Don't see many high end closed back headphones out there.
  4. ubs28
    Nice! I might buy these since I don't have a closed headphone yet.

    Since these headphones will cost $1000+ probably, I hope they got better THD than the AKG K812 hopefully.
  5. GodsInHisHeaven
    Looking awesome.
    I really like the K812, even though I think the HD 800 is a little better.
  6. ubs28
    The AKG K872 has been removed from the website? 
  7. nzvlam
    May be that was a mistake putting that on the website first.  I did a search quickly before and found no press release at all.  It is quite unusual to launch a high end product without telling anyone.  So I imagine it will be back later.
    The HD800 and K812 is an interesting one.  I don't like the sound signature of either, HD800 is very clean but a little lean.  The K812's extra bass helps with imaging and is a bit more fun.  If I have to choose between the two I'd pick the K812.  This is purely personal taste and the matching of my amps.  Although I have to say the HD800 goes really well with the EF6 from Hifiman.
  8. McPatD
    As high end closed backs go, the Beyer DT1770 has been impressing the heck out of me. Using the Grace M9xx. Hitting a sweet spot. :heart_eyes:
  9. zzzmonster
    And so the upgrade continues, DT 1770 owner here, sound is quite good, but the K872 looks even more comfortable and balanced cable :D
  10. ubs28
    I agree, it was probably a mistake that it ended up on the website. Probably we will see a press release soon and then it will be back up on the site.
  11. nzvlam
    From the cutsheet on their website before they removed it, I think it uses the same LEMO connector as the K812, single sided.  It won't be a easy change to balanced.
  12. kman1211
    Agreed, the DT 1770 is amazing. Favorite Beyer currently made, though haven't heard the T5p Second Gen yet, familiar with the T1 Second Gen though. Love the musicality, dynamics, clarity, and how good the tonality is. I personally prefer closed-back headphones sonically given they are designed well. But this headphone really intrigues me, AKG and Beyer are my favorite dynamic headphone makers. 
  13. FritzS

    Indeed K872 is a closed version looks like similar to the open K812!
    I think more information coming soon
  14. Andykong
    I can live with single ended, but I can't live with the flat ribbon cable running between the left and right ear cup. I hope AKG will replace the ribbon cable with something else more solid.
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  15. astroid
    Wow, very excited , closed 812 sounds like a dream come true!
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