AKG Q460, Phiaton MS400, or Klipsch Image One
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New Head-Fier
Feb 22, 2011
I'm looking for new headphones that are more comfortable than in ear ones. I've narrowed it down the AKG Q460, Phiaton MS400, and Klipsch Image One. I mostly listen to rap/hip hop with some rock and country mixed in. I can't seem to find very many reviews on the AKG or Klipsch and i read that the Phiaton's have a cheaper feel to them which is a big pet peeve of mine- the reason why i dont care for the beats is because i tend to be hard on things that i use often and they feel cheap. I do like bass but i also like to hear mids and treble. As of now i have Sennheiser CX500 earphones which are lacking on bass. If you could give me your opinions on them and which you think i should get for the money. 
I read that the AKG K450's sound the same as the Q460s but i really like having the ipod controls and the styling of the Q460. So if you've used the K450s feel free to include those as well.
Also other suggestions in this price range would be awesome!
Edit: I will be using these with a 3G ipod touch.

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