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Airpods pro

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  1. Duncan Moderator
    I have got to the point where I’m finding them quite listenable... no obvious complaints - they have been my daily driver for four days now, and I’m happy... yes, a second iteration could make them better (more ANC “oomph” as prime candidate), however compared to the non pro versions, these are light years ahead... I prefer them to the Senn TW by quite a large margin.
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  2. chesebert
    The ironic thing is that I am using the Sennheiser iPhone app (with EQ and Tidal integration) with AirPod pro - otherwise AirPod Pro does not sound very good.
  3. nealh
    Will the sennheiser app work if you don’t have their earbuds ? I would download the app and try what your doing but I don’t own the sennheiser earbuds.
  4. chesebert
    Works with all headphones.
  5. BigZ12
    I confirmed that AptX works, even if it shows SBC when using "option-click BT icon" method.
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  6. sandy1010
    Which app specifically? Sennheiser smart control?
    Maybe the Adaptive EQ isn't working as intended for those who have to apply their own EQ? It looks like the FR can vary widely. Perhaps they can continue tweaking that with a software update.
  9. emrelights1973
    Did anybody had a Run with Pros? Airpos never stayed on my ears!
  10. richpjr
    I did this weekend and they stayed in just fine. The first gen ones never stayed in my ears so I could not use them.
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  11. emrelights1973
    İn my case right one stays, left one jumps out if i move! I used them with plastic fins.
    I use then with Apple watch without getting a phone with Me, very practical
  12. broopa
    Ran with them over the last few days. My ears are weird, the original AirPods stay in better than these do. I might end up returning them if I can't figure out how to fit them right since the only reason I got them was them was to run with.
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  13. SilverEars
    I tried jogging on the treadmill with it. For me it does shift slightly even if silicones keeps it place better than no silicones. After awhile I can feel it out of place and needs to be pushed back in.

    Personally, I still don't like the stem being there although it's gotten shorter. I do find that it's necessary for the capacitive pressure switch, as it's practical for turning on and off ANC and fast forwarding music. I find this feature very practical and use it all the time.

    So far, every now and then, one earpiece goes into slight transparency mode. Not frequent, but it happens. I think it might be related to my fit and sensor. When you have one earpiece on, it automatically goes into transparency mode.

    I use Android phone with it and I volume drops if you connect automatically with bluetooth on, and you have to reconnect to get the volume in the normal level. Also, I had volume level drop one time while listening to music. Not sure if this isolated to Android phones only. So if volume seems strangely low, disconnect and reconnect the airpods.

    One improvement I can think of with these is battery life. I want more than 4.5hrs. I've heard M&D has a 10hr model although bulky. I consider one design performance of TW iems, is battery life per size of the iem.

    Another would be a wire connection to plug into airplane entertainment systems, but I don't see this happening as wire connection would take up space in the housing.

    I've heard the batteries are good for 2 years. How is this calculated? Based on how many hrs of usage daily?

    I've also heard that Galaxy buds have a good repairability score and you can replace the battery without distroying the housing. Is it the same for WFXM3 as well?

    Question for you all. What is the power output of USB-C connections on PC? Is it generally the same across the board? Or can it be low as 500mA like normal usb?
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
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  14. KowalskiFUT
    I am strongly considering Airpod Pros for my daily and main rig. I kind of dropped out of personal audio high(er)-end game. Could anyone comment are these (in a relative way) of similar sound quality as, lets say, GR07?

    They would definately be my end game rig if they had SQ of something like Brainwavz B400, but I am aware thats not likely possible.
  15. nealh
    Give them a try. Apple has a 14 days no questions asked return policy.

    I think you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at the sound signature especially when you consider this is a completely truly wireless IEM

    Nothings perfect, in IEMs correct. Lol esp here there is always something better. This hobby can drain your wallet
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