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Airpods pro

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  1. KowalskiFUT
    Draining wallet is one of the reasons I got out from hobby. Never ending neurotic upgrading, to be more specific. :D I could afford TOTL personal audio rig if I didnt have other interests and profession that includes expensive rig (filmmaking).

    i dont expect something like KSE 1500 performance from a 250 USD mainstream mass made product, but at least something like GR07. If it can "match" it in terms of SQ, I will buy. If not, I will wait. Or perhaps not, we are talking about 250 bucks rig after all.
  2. Bhelpoori
    All of the batteries in the headphones mentioned are specified to retain 85% of their original capacity after a minimum of 500 cycles (aka full charges). If you use them once per day and drain them then after about 1 year 4 months you will see the battery last 3 3/4 hours... but that will eventually degrade so that after about 2 years the battery life is so low and that you may need to change the battery. The battery itself without charging and just left stored, also has a shelf life which will reduce capacity through aging, especially in hot climates.

    Apple have thought of batteries and https://support.apple.com/airpods/repair/service gives you the (expensive) details.

    One of the reasons that the Sony and Galaxy have easier battery changes is because they are not IPX rated which complicates repairability significantly.

    On the aircraft connection, you can buy a bluetooth adapter from various sources, but my current favourite is RHA's https://www.rha-audio.com/intl/products/accessories/wireless-flight-adapter
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  3. u2u2
    $29 USD for three years of Apple Care +, use the heck out of them and if you manage to wear the battery below tolerance the additional replacement cost to you is zero. For $29 up front, that is dirt cheap. Use em for another three plus years and replace with the newer version... Did I miss something when I bought mine? Finally great wire free performance when out exercising or at the gym... Best all around item on the market as these I can actually use in all my scenarios without fear.
  4. aaf evo
    just to clarify I believe it’s 2 years of AppleCare on top of the provided 1 year warranty , can anyone confirm?
  5. SilverEars
    I've read that if the battery is drained to 80% or below, Apple Care replaces the unit? How is that figured out and approximately when will it drop to that much?

    We also should keep in mind that people tend to upgrade devices as well. I'm sure new Airpods will be coming out iteratively with incrimental improvements.

    I prefer the Pro over the Beats as I don't like the look of the Powebeats, but no denying it's secure. Pro are just easy to take off and put on. It's just more convenient. Same for customs. I know customs have high noise isolation, but for everyday usage the ANC reduces noise signidicantly as well and easy to take off and put on. And on flights, ANC is superior over any noise isolation including customs or ER4 triple flanges.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
  6. nealh
    I never head theGR07 so can’t compare but the SQ surprised me
  7. u2u2
    Three years coverage total. If you can wear them below 80% no additional cost to replace. They can't replace the battery so you get a new unit or equal service part, say from a return... I personally don't see a down side to this product. My original Air Pods are three years old next month. Still charge to 99%(L) & 100%(R). On the Air Pod Pros, if I have an Apple Care + claim it will probably be accidental damage but I am going to try and wear the batteries out. Anyhow, I only posted because the claim battery replacement is expensive is not necessarily so, especially in the short time that worried the poster.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
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  8. jhoelter
    No, this is incorrect.

    (from https://www.apple.com/support/products/headphones/)

    AppleCare+ changes your 1 year warranty for defects into a 2 year warranty for defects AND accidental loss/damage. It has to be purchased within 60 days of your AirPods purchase. Seems like a no-brainer since these batteries will end up dying with moderate use.

    Another option is to use a credit card that extends manufacturers warranties, but that does not cover accidental loss/damage.
  9. volkerlauterbach
    I got mine a few days ago. Not so impressed with the fit at first, I am used to the Shure tight fitting ear-tips, these do not fit like this at all. As a consequence the ANC is also not so impressive. However, as I discovered today, they are awesome for working out. Running with the Shures I would get the booming noise with every step (since they are basically tightly connected to my skull). With these here, the fit is more soft and not as tight, so ANC is not perfect, but for working out it is quite fine and I don't get a load boom with every step.

    Sound quality is ok, not stellar, but then I will only use these on the go and working out, so comfort and practicality are more important. Transparency mode is great.
  10. jshen808
    Hope everyone will enjoy the Airpods Pro!
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
  11. OmniscientNihilist
    this is the flaw of all ear buds

    either you have no rubber plug and get no noise isolation and no bass

    or you have a rubber plug and get microphonics from the cord or the stepping when walking/running

    cord microphics is helped by the over the ear cord design. but no solution to the stepping noise

    over ear headphones solve this issue, but have their own weaknesses. like bigger bulkier size, and perhaps worse noise isolation then an in ear plug ear bud
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
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  12. volkerlauterbach
    I am actually quite impressed with how Apple solved this issue, there was no feedback from steps, etc at all.
  13. OmniscientNihilist
    how did they solve the issue? by making a rubber plug that doesnt seal well? if so then you get less noise isolation and less bass.

    and active noise isolation isnt a fix becuase it lowers music quality too
  14. volkerlauterbach
    They seem to employ two microphones, one inside and one outside of the ear.

    As I said sound is not stellar but for my purposes when out and about or exercising it's quite fine.
  15. bobeau
    These are vented - they don't 'seal' by design.
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