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Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. bvng3540
    He did not ask to keep the defect one, but was offered by AAW to do whatever he wish to do with it, in his case he try to help out other fellow head fier, I don't see any lack of integrity on his part whatsoever
  2. vhsownsbeta
    Airing QC issues in a public forum before giving the manufacturer a chance to respond is a dick move, IMHO.
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  3. hung031086
    You are funny bro. He said i can do whatever i want, i don't have to send it back. Actually i asked him about it one more time to make sure that i can keep it, and he said yes. So who stupid won't sell it to get some money back ?
    And about defective w900, everything i buy brand new must be perfect. Even things i sell, it likes new. You can check my profile to see my feedbacks. So it will be hard to to sell it later because i'm keep selling my stuffs to get better ones after a while. Who won't be mad when you paid almost $1900 and then got a defective one ?
    Btw i'm sill have my u12, so i can use it until i get a new w900.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2017
  4. flinkenick
    I have a complaint. When I hold the W900 in a certain light, the logo goes Super Saiyan.

    W1.png W6extra.png

    Can I have a new iem pls? :D
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  5. ezekiel77
    If anything I'm surprised they didn't charge you extra for that feature :p
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  6. crinacle
    Just wondering if there's an estimated completion date on those filters? I find myself desiring more treble and upper midrange nowadays and such customizability would be a most welcome addition.
  7. vhsownsbeta
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  8. 13candles
    Wow , that was fast ....

    Can I ask why are you selling ? I'm really more intrigued as to what you think the w900 is lacking as compared to the other TOTLs. I assume that's why you're selling ?

    Don't mean to be a nosey Parker but I am really intrigued with the w900 and how it fairs with the other TOTL IEMs. Hope you'll care to chime in as an owner :)
  9. vhsownsbeta
    W900 isn't lacking at all. In fact I would say it's the most 'complete' TOTL I have heard. Selling due to other circumstances. Hopefully there will be another one in my life sometime in the future.
  10. 13candles
    Oh right .... I'm sorry to hear that and I really hope you'll get to own one more or something else better in the near future... I wish you well
  11. crinacle
    Decided to run by a few experiments with the W900: precise equalisation with the use of FR curves. After a few weeks of trial and error (further delayed by my laziness) I think the results are ab-solutely incredible.

    Using measurements from my DIY setup (link in my sig) I was able to isolate the peaks, dips and spikes, and sort of "clean up" the W900 with the specific targeting of particular frequencies and modifying Q-values for refinement.



    Here's what the "special sauce" does subjectively:
    • Increases treble sparkle but maintaining the W900's signature treble control
    • Boosts airiness
    • Removes the slight nasally quality of the vocals that is apparent next to reference monitors
    • Improves bass-midrange separation
    • Reduces note weight
    HOWEVER, due to the methodology used to create this EQ profile, what I experienced may differ from person to person due to a number of variances (unit variance, custom vs universal, insert depth etc.). At any case, I'm confident that anyone would find an improvement; just A/B with & without and tell me what you think.

    Download link here. To be used with the Peace GUI on EqualizerAPO. Or if you're using a separate program, a screenshot:

    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
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  12. FastAndClean
    you still need 20db boost at 10hz to feel the rumble better
  13. 13candles

    I must say that if not for your well documented love for the W900 i would never have given it another try.

    It really does have a certain "je ne sais quoi" to it and more so than the current TOTLs that i've heard and i've heard them all save the Warbler and the SE5U.

    Cheers Mate
  14. ezekiel77
    Here's some W900 love.


    I've heard quite a few TOTLs, but no other IEM accomplishes treble detail, smoothness, texture and decay better than this. The bass, although not a veritable cannon like W500, has just enough warmth and punch to be satisfying. For the past year I've always been yearning to try something new, something more... W900 has quelled that thirst somewhat. It's a brilliant IEM, my favourite so far.
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  15. jelt2359 Contributor
    Told ya. I think those of us who enjoy cans as much as IEMs will really find this to be a treat. :D
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