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Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. hung031086
    It really hard to see on the picture. I will try to take some pics about the glue or something stick around the shell after i'm done my work.
    Btw the left 2 pin socket is loose. It's really easy unplug the cable. The right is tighter.
  2. jmills8
    Wow , its actually that bad.
  3. crinacle
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well if it really is that bad, the best option is just to return and refund I guess. Shame you got the short end of the stick; hope this isn't a sign of their decline.
  4. ericr
    Yes - one key advantage of universals is resale and I worry he would take a hit on value if the defect is not corrected.
  5. hung031086
    Yup i want universal iem because its easy to sell later. They offered me 2 weeks, i didn't rush them. Actually they've done in about one week and half and then 3 days shipping from Singapore to the US.

    Here some pics, hope you can see

    20170603_110728.jpg 20170603_110744.jpg 20170603_111001.jpg 20170603_111058.jpg 20170603_111122.jpg
  6. 13candles
    As a consumer, and someone who has worked entirely in the service industry i think this just screams of bad service and shoddy workmanship.

    I would totally send it back and i hope you do so too. If you just accept this they might think it's just fine to do this with their other customers. They will think they can get away with such BS.

    And thanks for sharing this and keeping the community informed.

    P.S. Doesn't matter if the product was rushed or not. They had the choice of not accepting your order when you told them that you couldn't wait that long but still they did; so this is totally UNACCEPTABLE. IF they could not have sent out a quality product befitting of what you paid for then they should not have even sent it out to begin with!
  7. hung031086
    I sent an email to Null Audio to ask for a refund yesterday. But i haven't receive the answer yet. Maybe they don't work on weekend.
  8. San Man
    After hearing the W900 (if I were to receive a set such as those), I'd ask for a replacement, and that they allow me to use the defective set until the new unit arrived.
  9. hung031086
    If no way i can get my money back, i will ask a replacement. I don't like ppl do business like this.
    Another look at bore holes. Look at the left side. It's not clear like the right side.

  10. ustinj
    They can probably just buff out the glue and nozzles to make it look good as new, but they'll probably require you to ship those back for a while. Likely no need to have them create a brand new replacement..

    Hopefully Null can help you out
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
  11. hung031086
    I'm sure they can do that. But I'm really mad because of the way they did. Why they didn't check anything before they shipped. It's not a cheap iem. Wasted my time and their time. That's why i want a refund, not a replacement.
  12. 13candles

    I'm very glad you're making a stand and doing what you think is right .

    Made to order you say ? Hahahah this just exacerbates how flippant their QC is ! If it was a mass produced item maybe there's some slight feeble excuse to admonish them overlooking such an issue....

    This really casts an unfavourable light not only on AAW but on the rest of the other Singaporean audio companies as well . What will other consumers think? Afterall ; it only takes one bad egg to spoil the entire bunch ....

    Disclaimer; I am not an AAW basher nor am I a member of the trade with any other audio affiliation.

    Being Singaporean I have never been really confident with our own local products and Hung's experience further reinforces my doubts.
    hung031086 likes this.
  13. hung031086
    Well i sent them total 3 emails from Friday, the day i received it. Right now is Monday, but i still didn't get any reply from them. I will send the 4th email today. If they still ignore it, i will ask Paypal to get my refund. Bad service and experience.
  14. hung031086
    Finally got a reply from Kevin. His words calmed me down. I kinda like the sound of w900, i think i will stick with them again.

    13candles likes this.
  15. FastAndClean
    wow, so you will have two pairs
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