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Advanced AcousticWerkes W500 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. Gracesheng
    any reference for getting this ?
  2. flinkenick
    What do you mean with reference?
  3. BenHolmes
    I've moved from wanting the se5 ultimate to this. I think it's gunna go well with my love for drum & bass.

    Any idea how long it takes AAW to make these? And what sort of accessories / case come with them? How's the stock cable?
  4. Wil
    Just got mine today, i ordered mine on the 3rd and got them today. * But i reside in Singapore, overseas orders might take a week or 2 more i reckon. 
    Right off the bat, these are EXCELLENT with EDM. The sub bass is really excellent and it's a plus that it does not bleed into the mids. For a pair of IEMs it has a nice soundstage with adequate depth - treble seems be a tad recessed at the moment but it could be because of the superb bass that is taking centre stage). 
    It does seem to make mediocre recordings listenable as well, which is a plus for me since my other cans are a HD800 which will rip such recordings to bits. 
    Accessories wise it comes with the following: 

    1) Pelican-esque hardcase
    2) Cleaning cloth 
    3) Cleaning tool 
    4) 1/8" to 1/4" adapter 
    5) soft pouch
    The stock cable is good enough for me at the moment. 
    but to sum it up, bass, bass, textured, hard hitting and creamy bass that is so much fun (and mine are the non-amorph version - yes it's that good even with default settings). 
  5. flinkenick
    Good to hear man :) If it took a month I'm hoping might be finished some time within 2-3 weeks and MikePortnoy has one coming in as well around then I believe. This small club will start growing.
  6. Wil
    hear hear! They do deserve the attention i believe. 
    I'm chuffed that my Gustard H10 drives them with such aplomb and with no hiss whatsoever (the gain switch plays a part but still!)
  7. flinkenick
  8. robm321
  9. Wil

    Nope, it's the gustard h10, a full sized headphone amp
  10. flinkenick
    Hmm that is a bit surprising, impedanceof the W500 is also below 30 right?
  11. ezekiel77
    I did it! Just placed the order for one. The sound is exceptional in these babies.

    Now the wait begins.
  12. flinkenick
    Thats great man, did you get the regular or ahmorph?
  13. ezekiel77
    The AHMorph bcos itll be more flexible.
  14. flinkenick
    Yeah better to have it than to miss it afterwards :)
  15. dulty
    Can anyone post detail pictures of the sound tubes please? I think these will be my first CIEMs [​IMG]
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