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Advanced AcousticWerkes W500 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. jelt2359 Contributor
    Just had a chance to audition AAW's newest flagship, the W500. Love the elite imaging on these IEMs.

    Anyway, I tried looking around and couldn't find a thread on them, so I went ahead and started one. My impressions are here:
  2. jelt2359 Contributor
    Just got my (custom) pair in. Wonderful build, beautiful cable, and very nice, air-moving bass. That last bit seems to be a dynamic driver hallmark. Overall quite warm, but very energetic and clear sound. Treble is very nice- not peaky- and mids are just about right for my tastes (not forward not recessed). Good stuff!
  3. Mimouille
    That is interesting. Would you say it is comparable to Tralucent's iems? As they are hybrids and high end I mean.
  4. somanydynamos
    Is the W500 available in Null Audio to audition with?

    I went there 2 mths ago but was informed that they do not have the audition set
  5. jelt2359 Contributor
    Unfortunately I haven't heard Tralucent. I do have another High-End Asian Hybrid IEM on hand, though. Will be doing more comparisons with that CIEM...
  6. jelt2359 Contributor
    I just checked with them. Demo is temporarily unavailable, ETA is early May. If you're based in Singapore you can try my set during our next meet :D
  7. somanydynamos

    I'm from Singapore actually :)

    And as for the meet, are you referring to the Head fi meet in SG?
  8. jelt2359 Contributor

    Sort of. We just call them "local" meets. Can't use the HF name.

    Just had one in KL last night. After trying all my CIEMs (and many others, he's been on a hunt for a CIEM for a while), one guy now has his heart set on the AAW W500. That speaker-like bass is really something to be experienced. Paired with good clear mids and even treble, this CIEM is fast rising up the ranks of my upcoming shootout!
  9. somanydynamos

    is this SG meetup going to happen anytime soon?
    as of now, im hooked by W300 but is still open to W500 =)
  10. jelt2359 Contributor
    Ygpm :)
  11. MadMusicJunkie
    What's up @jelt2359 !  I was reading a review of your's that included the NT-6/NT-6Pro.  Where would you position them against the W500, as it isn't clearly stated.  Your review of the W500 was not overly enticing....
     I listen to Electronic; Mrs Jynx, Tycho, Saul Stokes, etc, so I need a decent bass, yes, but I need the full spectrum with good seperation to appreciate all the sounds involved.  
    You also told me that the A12 was a work of art, but I'm afraid that its price point disqualify it :frowning2:.
  12. jelt2359 Contributor
    Working on a full review shootout as I type this, and since I don't own the NT6 that won't be included.

    The W500 definitely deserves to be labeled a top iem. It has the most authoritative bass of any CIEM I own, thats for sure!
  13. MadMusicJunkie
    I believe it.  someone just told me that its a step up from the very impressive FX850 mod-or-no-mod, so it must be bliss!  Do you have the Velvet in your review?
  14. tourneychamp23
    looking for more impressions of this iem if anyone has it. Is it possible to get these in the us?
  15. flinkenick
    Will order these tomorrow! Subbed :)
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