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9th Vienna Meet: 27th of February 2016

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  1. bharat2580
    i might not make it, because of an exam scheduled at the last moment,  so sad, I have so much gear to bring this time but not everything is working the way i wanted. I hope i can make it..
  2. HirschiAUT
    Hey there, i have a question for y'all :)

    I have the Hifiman HE-400i, and want to try different earpads, the brwinwavz HM5 angled pleather pads.
    To do that i need to cannibalize a set of pads, would use the cheapest velours for that.

    But before i order one from china i wanted to ask if anyone here has a spare pair of hifiman pads he would like to sell, maybe i can safe some that way :wink:

    Best, Hirschi
  3. bharat2580
    for he 400i you actually need the ring and not the pads, in earlier models the rings were not attached to the pads, but it is with the new ones, so for older models you might want to ask for the rings.
  4. HirschiAUT
    Thanks for your answer.
    I don´t really know what kind of "ring" you are talking about.
    In the thread dedicated to the 400i some people already use the Brainwavz pads.
    They all said they got these: http://store.hifiman.com/index.php/accessories/velour-earpads.html
    They took the velour pads off and put on the Brainwavz, so i thought i would do it the same way, or am i missing something?
  5. Fink24
    I will probably come too and will bring my modded HE-6, my LCD-2.2 and my ifi nano iDSD. Since I will come by train, I would need an amp, which can power the HE-6. I have connectors for most popular connector types (6,35mm, 4 Pin XLR, dual 3 Pin XLR and speaker connectors)
    Greetings from Upper Austria
  6. HirschiAUT
    I will try to bring my Audio-GD NFB-1AMP (8W @ 40Ohm) that is said to be able to power the HE-6 sufficiently, but i never tried that.
    I will also only be able to stay until aroud 5pm (need to go to concert then :-D ), so you will need someone else after that :wink:
    But if i bring it you are very welcome to drive the HE-6 with my amp, i always wanted to try them too :p
  7. Kornasteniker
    @HirschiAUT: Will you be at the Puschnig Jazz Concert at the Vienna Concert House too? That would be a cool incident :D
    Greetings, KoRnasteniker
  8. plakat
    I think I'll bring the following toys along:
    *) Beyerdynamic DT1770
    *) Beyerdynamic T5p 2. Gen.
    *) Beyerdynamic A20
    *) Violectric V281
    *) A&K AK320
    *) A&K Junior
    *) Fostex TH-X00
    *) Chord Mojo
    *) Sennheiser HDVD800
    *) Benchmark DAC2DX
    *) Sennheiser HD800S (there will be at least one anyway)
    *) A&K AK320 Amp
    *) Beyerdynamic T1.2
    *) some AIAIAI TMA-2 variant
    *) NAD HP50
    And of course music...
  9. Wurstteppich
    as mentioned earlier I will bring just the PM-1,PM-3 and HA-2. The rest of my gear seems to be brought to the meet by other people anyway.
    Eventually I will also bring my DSLR, so I can take some nice pictures of people and their gear. Not sure yet, since it's quite heavy.
    Looking forward to meet you guys! 
  10. HirschiAUT

    Well, i have to disappoint you here :)

    I will be at a quite different concert, the Up in Smoke Vol.6 at Arena Vienna :wink:

    Featuring some very nice Stoner-Metal and Rock Bands, will be a great night of heavy music accompanied with (probably heavy) drinking :-D

  11. asterm100
    For Saturday I plan to come to Vienna for the meeting. I hope I'm welcome :wink:
    I can bring:
    Westone 3
    B&W P7
    Aune S16
    Iqube V1
    Greetings, Aleksander, SLO
  12. Kornasteniker
    Ofc, everyone is welcome to our meet! :) I'm really keen to try out the Aune S16. Was wondering how this Amp/DAC will Match with my headphones.
    Don't forget to bring great Music with you too! :wink:
    One Question: Is there anyone, who owns an Audeze LCD-2F? Would be really nice to compare it with the LCD-2.2 or earlier versions.
    Greetings, KoRnasteniker
  13. plakat

    Hi Aleksander,
    of course you're welcome. Bring some music along as well as maybe something to drink!
    Would love to try out the P7.
  14. asterm100
    I have a lot of good music (around 700GB hi-res) and a lot of good drinks [​IMG] [​IMG]
    P7 will be available for test. 
  15. plakat
    Just got confirmation that I'll get a Hifiman Edition X just in time for the meet. As far as I know we'll have an HE1000 available as well, so it might be interesting to compare the two.
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