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9th Vienna Meet: 27th of February 2016

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  1. xxx1313
    I am very glad that - against previous expectations - I will probably be able to participate on 2/27. So I will bring my HE-1000 for measurment and listening.
    Looking forward and best regards,
  2. Kornasteniker
    Nomax: Nice, Can*t wait to hear it :) Hopefullz this Headphone is related to good Schnaps too. I*ll trz to bring some Single Malt, but no promises though. Don*t know, if there*s still a bottle left until the 27th hahahaha :D
    Greetings, KoRnasteniker
  3. iRaphi
    does anyone bring a ifi idsd micro with them by any chance?
  4. plakat

    I think that should be possible... @hrklg01 has one and a friend of mine who may come does so as well.
  5. hrklg01 Contributor
    Yes, it will be there!
  6. xxx1313
    I will bring one too.
  7. iRaphi
    great thank you guys :)
  8. Wurstteppich
    Just booked the flight.
    Still need to book the hotel. I guess the "Best Western Kaiserhof" right next to the location should be fine. Anyone can recommend that one?
    Regarding the gear...right now I plan to bring the following gear (hrklg01 was interested in the measurements?):
    - Oppo PM-1
    - Oppo PM-3
    - Oppo HA-2
    Regardings the fuel for humans, I found a Whisky in a street next to the location, so I guess I will just go there and buy something nice for the meet. If anyone wants to visit the shop with me...you are welcome :)
    Looking forward to meet you guys!
  9. Kornasteniker
    Is this the one in the Schleifmühlgasse?
    If so, I'd love to join you. Just tell me when and i'll be there :)

    Greetings, Kornasteniker
  10. Wurstteppich
    Yes it is. My flight will arrive at 10:20, so I guess I will be at the hotel a hour later, maybe at 11:30. I just need to do a quick check-in there and then walk over to the shop, which is just 2-3 blocks away.
    @plakat also mentioned that he would be interested to join a shop visit, but maybe needs some help to carry his stuff :)
  11. NNewman
    Hello. I'm very new to head-fi, but might have a chance to come. Will bring t5p, he400s and Aune b1. Maybe AKG k615 also.
    P.S. by any chance, does any one know where in Austria I can make a "recabling" for t5p?
  12. Wurstteppich
    I suggest you wait for the meet and listen to the new T5p v2. My guess is that you won't consider the recabling then, but a replacement of the old with the new one :)
    I had a chance to listen to the old one lately and purchased the new one, which not only improves in sound quality, but also offers to exchange cables.
  13. plakat

    We'd be glad if you joined us.
    Please do bring your original T5p, many were asking for a direct comparison.

    Maybe I can help you with recabling. Please PM me or aka me at the meet.
  14. NNewman
    Thanks. Will try my best to come...
  15. iRaphi
    short update:
    I am in the Meze 99s tour and just got the permission to keep them longer, which means I can bring them with me to the meet.
    See you soon :)
    costas23 likes this.
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