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9th Vienna Meet: 27th of February 2016

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  1. NNewman
    Hello. Unfortunately due to the weather forecast I will not be able to come tomorrow. It is at least 0.5-0.7 meter of snow here for tomorrow and I can't take risk of not coming home in the evening. Good luck to everybody and hope to see next year. :frowning2:
  2. plakat

    Sorry to hear that.
    It won't take that long, I'm sure we'll have at least one more meet before the summer. Join us at


    To be kept in the loop.
  3. Wurstteppich
    Waiting at the airport... :wink:

    @plakat there is really no good whisky at duty free, seems I need to go shopping :)
  4. plakat

    Yes, duty free was better in the old times... just as about everything :wink:
  5. ampair

    If you are open to a slight detour I can recommend the Killis store, they have a huge selection of whiskeys and other spirits. The address is fenzlgasse 9 in the 15th district.

    I'm already at the location if you want to drop off your stuff.
  6. ampair

    That's sad to hear... I hope nothing serious happened.

    Yes it is. But I'll try to set up an extra WiFi for the meet if anyone wants to bring network players.
  7. ampair
    May I introduce today's venue, freshly renovated for our convenience :-D

    See you in a few hours!


    edit: photo upload frm mobile obviously doesn't work...
  8. RAFA
    No nothing serious. Family happened :| Self-invitations, where you just cannot say no.
  9. Kornasteniker
    Nice! Can't wait for the meet!
  10. ampair
  11. ampair
    lost and found:
    someone forgot an interconnect cable, which I am happy to accept as a donation [​IMG]
    jokes aside: dear owner, please pm me and I will make sure it gets back to you.
  12. NNewman
    Thanks. Looking forward for the next meeting.
  13. ampair
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