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9th Vienna Meet: 27th of February 2016

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  1. obsidyen
    Wow, I wonder about Edition X so much... I'll bring Edition M if I can make it.
  2. Nomax
    And i will bring Dan Clark's ETHER C and AKG N90Q Lol

    Regard CRAZY NOMAX
  3. interface95
    Since everything is high end, I don't even know if I should bring anything.
    But I guess I will bring the HD540 and maybe a k501 since it's always nice to hear I think.
    Best regards Alexander
  4. hrklg01 Contributor
    Hello! Great! As already informed earlier, I'm very interested this time to listen and measure other cans which are posted as not really high end. This is to understand the differecies better. BR heinz
  5. plakat

    No, its definitely not high-end-only. Just bring along what you like/have, there's nothing wrong about a good midprice headphone. I still like the DT250 and the DT770/80 very much.
  6. FritzS

    whats about DT1770? Whats the experience with DT1770?
    K501 and K712 are my headphones for „silent hours“ - K812 are hearable over more rooms.
    K501 and K712 have a bit better damping to outside.
  7. plakat

    I like The DT1770 very much, it's an excellent closed back headphone (which I can bring along if you're interested of course). Hard to pick my favorite between the DT1770 and the new T5p, each has it's merits.

    Yes, the K812 seems very loud even compared to other open headphones.
  8. FritzS
    In „silent hours“ I like K501 or K712 more than D7000.
    For TV I use my K271 MKII.
    K271 MKII is a really good headphone in the midrange too.
  9. obsidyen
    No one's interested in Ultrasone Edition M? [​IMG]
    costas23 likes this.
  10. Fink24
    Will somebody bring an Abyss?
  11. Picassofish
    Just joined yesterday, but I'd love to come tomorrow. There's nothing really "high end" in my collection (I caught the headphone virus quite recently, and most of the cans and amps I have so far are in the "good enough" category), but maybe someone is interested in comparisons - I am, for sure. (And I hope I'll come across a few possible upgrades :)
    My equipment: Oppo PM-3, Sennheiser HD 595 and 598, Audio Technica ATH-M70x, Shure SRH940, AKG K701, Vorzüge Pure II, Chord Mojo, Cayin C5.
  12. plakat

    You're of course welcome to join us tomorrow :)
    There's nothing wrong about your equipment, actually a very nice selection. Personally I'd like to hear the Shure and take a look at the Vorzüge amp -- both tempted me but somehow I never got around to try them out.
    Don't forget to bring some music along. As well as maybe something to drink if you like. We came into the habit of testing Schnaps in parallel to the toys :wink:
  13. RAFA
    I am sorry to say, that I will not be able to come to this meet tomorrow... :frowning2:
  14. Wurstteppich
    anyone knows if eduroam is available at the location?
  15. Fink24
    I will also bring my Beyerdynamic T1, which I am currently selling.

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